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When I started blogging there were a couple of sites where a few people I still interact with hung out. One was traditional christianity. At times the woman running it described the coming social collapse well ahead of time. The blog is now dead, and I hope she does well. But you can find parts of it if you want them.

A few days ago, we went to a cute, little beach on the Chesapeake Bay. The kids were frolicking in the water and the seagulls were squawking, and I settled in with a good book. Ah… this is what summer’s all about.

And then I hear them, as it’s impossible to not overhear them. They make sure of it. They’re dressed in barely-there bikinis, long hair, and covered in tats, walking along the beach, spouting the most vile, expletive-laden speech. Bitch, fuck, nigga please. Girlish laughter interchanged with discussions of who they’ve beat up lately.

I wouldn’t say that the majority of younger women act like that here, but I will say that they’re a large and growing — and very vocal and aggressive — minority. I see them at the mall and at the grocery store. I hear them on the walking paths at the park and sitting behind me in movie theaters. The media is full of them. I have one in my own family (or had, as I chased her out of the house last night and called the cops on her), and I’m still at a loss to explain how she got there, other than a general culture of permissiveness and attention-whoring that feeds into that disgusting behavior.

I live a thoroughly middle class life and I can’t get away from them. It’s an epidemic. At this point, Sodom and Gomorrah would be an upgrade. But don’t worry. These women aren’t suffering for a date and their children will grow up to be model citizens.

Traditional Christianity, A August 2013

When I had to kill my previous site (part of a deal that kept me employed) I ensured that the wayback machine could not scrape it. I also got rid of twitter and facebook. Which at times is a pain. Kea and the kids use messenger to talk. A lot. I do not. Because people would weaponize that. Because I don’t want my family hurt. Being of the dissent traditionalists has, right now, costs. Even though the progressives are incrementally de educating the population.

Heartiste’s site was scraped and then put up again. Again, he predicted what we are now seeing with social media censorship.

The Lilliputian Lucifer, Jack Dorsey, is a vengeful nerd taking out his spite on the cool kids who taunted him in middle school. He has hired a team of equally nerdy and spiteful bindis — the ganges goobers — as hall monitors for Twatter. Their only job is to ban any shitlord (i.e. cool kid) whose bullyciding tweets remind Jack and the Bindi Stalkers of their torment at the hands of those shitlords way back in the days when atomic wedgies and locker stuffings drove the Jacks of the world to find asexual comfort in the cold inhuman logic of C++.

The point of drawing attention to the rank hypocrisy of shitlibs like Dorsey isn’t to make petty tyrant libs change their minds. They’ll never do that. The point is to bring clarity to the battlefield. The great middle of America has to know the nature and the depravity of the enemy. Minds must be focused and hearts steeled for the coming crack-up of America.

Chateau Heartiste, 9 May 2019

As I’m finishing this off — instead of a technical blog — I note that the Supreme Court won’t deal with voter fraud, despite half the states of the union suggesting they do their darn duty. The nature and depravity of the elite is leaking out faster than it can be censored.

This is going to shred the constitution, but you can survive without a constitution. In fact, it decreases the lawyering, which is always a good thing.

It won’t crack up America — the American peoples (WASPS, Southerners, Black Americans (probably Southern and Northern) and the Indian nations — will survive. There are too many Godly and sober people left. But they may be different political groups, and the feckless will find that they are no longer a tolerated luxury, but required to contribute.

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10 months ago

“Interesting times” everywhere. But “for such a time as this”! Gotta look on the bright side. 🙂 God WILL get the glory and His will WILL be done.