The coming end game.

There are two sides to this conflict: the deplorables and the elite.

The deplorables are:

  • Faithful to God
  • Nationalist. They vote that way if they can. In much of the world, they use proxy parties, for they cannot
  • Fertile: they pity the gender diverse, the gay, and despise the propaganda
  • Mistrustful of authority “Fool me twice…”
  • Tolerant of pain, difficulty and struggle
  • In love with beauty, truth, honour and earned achievement.
  • Workers. More likely to be rural and tradesmen than academics or policy wonks

The elite is:

  • Credentialed, and they will let you know it. Being credentialed is not the same as being educated.
  • Celebrating diversity. The rainbow is their flag, and Diversity is a jealous God
  • Hating the true, the beautiful and the good
  • Generally infertile: if they are, to their horror, heterosexual, they delay childrearing into their late 30s, and have one or two children at most.
  • In love with death. They are for abortion, self castration in search of ideology or identity, homosexuality, and euthanasia
  • Avoidance of difficulty and struggle, seeking pleasure
  • Live by policy and words. Journalists, Activists, academics, policy wonks. To these, to speak is an order someone else will do

The short version is that the elite are pagan, venerating Cybele and Molech. The deplorables are of Christ or seeking Christ through nature: they worship Jehovah Jireh, or will do so.

And the time of tolerance by the elite of the deplorables is ending. The elite want to regulate our prayer, kill our elders, mutilate our children.

And this we will not stand. A wise rule never orders that which people will not do. A wise general always gives a means of escape. This elite will do neither.

This is the end game of the West: we will either repent or fall into idolatry. What follows the West is already here in places like South Africa.

It is time to pray. It is time to seek truth.

It is time to shun the elite, and blaspheme against the god of tolerance they worship. For our God is jealous: our God is truth, and our God is love.

And as far as the elite consider things, it is time to disobey.

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1 year ago

In the US, at least, the Deplorables have lost patience with the Elites as well. Here (I don’t know about in NZ) the deplorables know that most elites are in a small number of cities – and more and more of the deplorables are realizing that the cities are vulnerable and trouble in many ways… I wouldn’t be surprised if some are quietly planning to use those vulnerabilities…
I have met many people who fall into the Deplorables camp who want the US to fall apart; they are confident that they will make their way through the chaos and that the country will come out better. I’m not so confident; while we don’t know what chaos will bring, it will almost certainly be worse than what we have now.