22 December 2020

I have not quite finished this year, and gone into hibernation. Yet. There are a few yuletide repeat poems and posts to go, but the season is upon us, and we all need a rest. [1]

Hannah did conceive after her prayers and kept her vow. She loaned her son once he was weaned. but until then, she kept him with her. There is a time and season, including a time to nurture young ones, and to guide, and to prepare.

And here, we need to work wisely, while this dispensation lasts. We don’t have priests and places to worship as there were during the time of the Judges and the tabernacle and temple But we have Christ, Who worships in a temple after which all others are patterned.

And he will come when his chosen are not merely lent to him, but all in committed to him, and those who are not chosen are committed fully to evil. For times of crisis, as we are now in, are times of choosing.

1 Samuel 1:19-28

19 They rose early in the morning and worshipped before the Lord; then they went back to their house at Ramah. And Elkanah knew Hannah his wife, and the Lord remembered her. 20 And in due time Hannah conceived and bore a son, and she called his name Samuel, for she said, “I have asked for him from the Lord.”

21 The man Elkanah and all his house went up to offer to the Lord the yearly sacrifice and to pay his vow. 22 But Hannah did not go up, for she said to her husband, “As soon as the child is weaned, I will bring him, so that he may appear in the presence of the Lord and dwell there for ever.” 23 Elkanah her husband said to her, “Do what seems best to you; wait until you have weaned him; only, may the Lord establish his word.” So the woman remained and nursed her son until she weaned him. 24 And when she had weaned him, she took him up with her, along with a three-year-old bull, an ephah of flour, and a skin of wine, and she brought him to the house of the Lord at Shiloh. And the child was young. 25 Then they slaughtered the bull, and they brought the child to Eli. 26 And she said, “Oh, my lord! As you live, my lord, I am the woman who was standing here in your presence, praying to the Lord. 27 For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him. 28 Therefore I have lent him to the Lord. As long as he lives, he is lent to the Lord.”

And he worshipped the Lord there.

Hebrews 8

8 Now the point in what we are saying is this: we have such a high priest, one who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven, 2 a minister in the holy places, in the true tent that the Lord set up, not man. 3 For every high priest is appointed to offer gifts and sacrifices; thus it is necessary for this priest also to have something to offer. 4 Now if he were on earth, he would not be a priest at all, since there are priests who offer gifts according to the law. 5 They serve a copy and shadow of the heavenly things. For when Moses was about to erect the tent, he was instructed by God, saying, “See that you make everything according to the pattern that was shown you on the mountain.” 6 But as it is, Christ has obtained a ministry that is as much more excellent than the old as the covenant he mediates is better, since it is enacted on better promises. 7 For if that first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no occasion to look for a second.

8 For he finds fault with them when he says:

“Behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord,
when I will establish a new covenant with the house of Israel
and with the house of Judah,
9 not like the covenant that I made with their fathers
on the day when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt.
For they did not continue in my covenant,
and so I showed no concern for them, declares the Lord.
10 For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel
after those days, declares the Lord:
I will put my laws into their minds,
and write them on their hearts,
and I will be their God,
and they shall be my people.
11 And they shall not teach, each one his neighbour
and each one his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord’,
for they shall all know me,
from the least of them to the greatest.
12 For I will be merciful towards their iniquities,
and I will remember their sins no more.”

13 In speaking of a new covenant, he makes the first one obsolete. And what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away.

What can one add? Nothing. Christ has made the work complete, and he will win. All else is noise if you are not of Christ, but if you are of Christ then this gives hope. Regardless of what chaos this year has left in it and the next year brings, Christ remains our priest interceding for us.

And God, have mercy and bring revival and restoration. May we again know the Lord and not need to confront those who walk away thinking their way is right.

Because this is a time where the weeds are deciding to leave the wheat. May we remain among the good stuff, giving glory to God.

1. The summer solstice, not the winter solstice down under, Jack. I expect the US election drama will quieten down until father the holidays. Be with your family and be squared away.