Around the traps.

The local news is completely silent about what is happening in the States, and instead has gone completely woke. I’m left with the ODT. the blogs, and what hits my mailbox. So some things that did not fit elsewhere. Karl du Frense commented on the apology for racism from his former employer on behalf of all editors and journalists.

The accusation of racism is an extremely serious slur – or would be, if the meaning of the word hadn’t been so weakened by overuse.

Racism is the belief that some races are intrinsically superior to others and that discrimination is therefore justified.

Adolf Hitler was a racist. The Ku Klux Klan is racist. So were the apartheid-era leaders of South Africa.

And now we’re told that the former editors and editorial executives of some of this country’s leading newspapers, of whom I am one, were (are?) racists too.

If the accusation of racism still meant something, it would be damning. But in the 21st century the word racist simply means anyone who doesn’t conform to the authoritarian orthodoxies of identity politics.

So I refuse to take it seriously when I’m lumped in the same category as Adolf Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan, and I hope my former colleagues don’t either. But it’s saddening to see the papers we once proudly worked for confusing polemics with journalism.

Needless to say, that paper now hurts in its stupidity. Best to avoid it.

It’s not just the virus

This paper is open access and is NZ based, but the same thing applies. The social disruption and poverty that comes from the job will probably kill more people than the virus. In NZ, where we have long lockdowns and a closed border, this is almost inevitable.

I’m leaving out the background of the review, which is in the local (usually paywalled) medical journal.

In conclusion, the majority of the studies (10 out of 15) suggested a positive association between unemployment and CVD incidence and mortality, especially for middle-aged men. Those studies that suggested a negative association appeared to include data for younger populations who had lower underlying risk of CVD. Also of note is the systematic review level evidence for an association between chronic psychosocial stress and hypertension. In addition, it is clear that involuntary unemployment causes stress and forces most people to lower their standard of living; and there is abundant evidence that being in a less financially secure position and/or living in a deprived area, are risk factors for CVD.1

No New Zealand studies were identified that had explicitly examined the association between unemployment and CVD. One New Zealand study that considered a form of extreme stress (an earthquake damaged house), did report increased rates of CVD and myocardial infarction in the first year after the Christchurch earthquake.21 This cohort-linkage study was able to adjust for small area deprivation.

Our society is kind. Middle aged and older men are to be thrown to the curb. A demographic I belong in.

The risks of the job

Include, if you are a medico, being king hit… and then having to deal with the assailant, who is still in the community. From today’s ODT.

About 10.28pm Brown and three associates entered the hospital’s accident and emergency department.

“The defendant was being medically assessed by a doctor who is the victim,” Sgt Stratford said.

The male associate was disruptive and Dr Mann asked him to leave.

While Dr Mann was speaking to the man, Brown approached him from behind and “king hit him in the side of the head using a closed fist”.

“The force of the punch caused the victim’s glasses to break.”

The impact gave the doctor “a severe headache and ringing in his ears” and he received a small scratch to his ear.

Brown explained to police that he became angry because the doctor kept touching the cut he was being treated for.

Judge Brandts-Giesen said because the assault happened in a hospital this should be taken into account when Brown was sentenced on February 3.

“I am very concerned about the safety of doctors and therefore I propose the sentencing judge has the option of some form of detention,” Judge Brandts-Giesen said.

Lawyer John Fraser asked the curfew conditions of Brown’s bail be amended so he could work throughout the night in his role as a rural contractor.

Mr Fraser also asked Brown be considered for restorative justice.

The judge referred Brown to restorative justice and asked for home and community detention options to be investigated.

The judge also suggested Brown take notice of the bail condition not to consume alcohol or drugs after Brown told the court he had already breached that condition.

“It might be a very boring Christmas for you but a sober Christmas might be better than what you would get in custody.”

Brown was also convicted on three other charges he pleaded guilty to: operating a vehicle carelessly, intentionally damaging reading glasses and being under 20-years-old and driving with 308mcg of alcohol per litre of breath on November 25.

Well, enough on that. Let’s see what the weekend brings.

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10 months ago

Restorative justice? Enhanced sentencing because he was in a hospital? How about “punch someone in the head and go to jail”? Unless the assailee is in the process of raping your daughter, stealing your land, or physically attacking you, there is no excuse good enough. No wonder violence is on the incline. There are no consequences.