Build your own platforms.

Didact has a very good tutorial on the basic things you need to do in the current environment and I’d recommend it. I summarized a fair amount of the reasons why last Monday, and then followed it with a midweek progress report on what has happened so far.

Since then, I’ve stopped linking my posts to any social media, including Gab. It does not affect the traffic that much — this site is low traffic — but it does increase the aggravation.

I posted a link on Gab to one of my articles last week. It got some likes, it got some reposts, it got some comments and it got some retards. The prevailing characteristic of the retards was their belief in the awful Donald who had betrayed them. This was somewhat amusing as that was the main point of the article that I wrote. I don’t usually post my articles to Gab but I did this time as a form of social experiment to test what I had written, which was confirmed.

Pushing Rubber Downhill.

What Gab is good for is memes. But the filtering there still has a lot of noise to the signal. Moderating popular sites is very difficult: I’m not criticising Andrew Torba who is doing his best. The reason I’m not linking is that I don’t want the attention of the shills and routine doom merchants. Or those who would doxx people for fun. They took down Second City Cop this week, and the next move will be to remove everyone from the internet the cabal don’t like.

Well, this was certainly a long time coming. Fifteen years, over 22,000 posts, almost two million comments and God knows how many attempts to silence us. But it might finally be over…at least this version of it. Over the weekend, we received information from a contact at Google that internal chat/e-mails led them to believe that certain precautions we had taken over the years had been breached by Google. We had gotten similar warnings from others in the past, and we dealt with or ignored them as the situation warranted. But this one was different. And this one – on the heels of Big Tech’s wholesale attack on the President, Parler and center-right to right-leaning authors, politicians and voices – pointed to a countdown that had far less time than we had thought. Most likely, far less time than you think, too. The blacklisting has begun, even if you won’t see it. You should – the wholesale abandonment of the President, the denunciations, the, “I wasn’t really with him” self-serving statements. Sound familiar? It should…if you have any recollections of the show trials behind the Iron Curtain, in Southeast Asia, in assorted Middle East kleptocracies. Disavowal and re-education is on tap. What Senator McCarthy is remembered for – “Are you now or have you ever been…” has been twisted, refined (Bake that cake!), and exacerbated (Parler is only the first of many). They don’t want “unity.” They want Compliance and as the last fifteen years have shown, we aren’t really good at compliance. The amount of personal data available to “woke companies” who would deny commerce or service based on beliefs, contributions, investments (not Green enough!), social media posting, employment (cops not welcome here), bumper stickers – Have you heard of Operation Choke Point? Look it up and imagine it drilled down to individual citizens. Orwell’s 1984? It’s here.

Second City Cop.

So, next steps.

  • Unsubscribe from as many commercial emailing lists as possible.
  • Any book you want to keep has to be hard copy. I will need to weed my library shelves and buy cautiously. The trouble is that e readers are darned convenient. I find that Kobo is less noxious than Kindle, so am using my Kobo more. It plays nicely with calibre, and I have a ton of old books on it.
  • De googling the phone is a real challenge. So I’m using android less. Apple is the lesser evil, and I can get what I need working on it — smart devices, security cameras.
  • When the phone dies, go low tech and open source. The Pinephone is low tech, e os on last year’s smartphone (they currently cell refurbished Samsung 9s) would work better.
  • Accept you have to pay for stuff. You are the product unless you pay for it.
    • Use protonmail as your main email. You can have multiple emails for very little money, and it’s probably as secure
    • Pay for your hosting. I used A2hosting for years, and now use another company who are as stable, where I can choose where my hosting is (hint: not in a five eyes country).
  • Avoid automattic when self hosting WordPress. Again, you may have to pay for things.
    • CleanTalk screens my comments. It stops thousands of spam comments and it stops web crawlers as well. It costs, but it is simple and works.
    • Updraft plus backs this place up, and would allow for an easy cloning of this if my host supplier decides to dump me.
  • Which brings me to backup.
    • My work stuff is backed up by work, in the cloud, but I’m mistrustful when it comes to computers. Hard disks are cheap. Dedicate a hard disk for backup, using standard tools: by standard I mean time machine on a mac or rsync, which works everywhere.
    • Network storage used to be expensive but is now a commodity. NAS drives are cheap. If you are setting up a home network, consider getting this sorted early.

We are not at the point, thank the Almighty, where I need to build my own webservers. There are companies who are legally obliged to ignore the demands of the woke.

But in this crisis, have backup plans. There are those who would stop all truth and want us to follow their narrative. They are the ones banning stuff.

And to them we should never be aligned.


I found this following putting up the Monday post, but it shows where we are going. It may be time to have some junk silver floating around. It may be a time that blockchains take over as people work around the banks. But it is clearly a time when the people have been rejected by the elite. Such times never end well.

The ‘Night of the Long Knives’ has many historical references, but it mostly revolves around finally eliminating your rival. It is a genocidal dream. This dream took place a few times in reality. In the Russia of the revolution. In the 1,000 year empire. In Mao’s fantasies of final victory and his Cultural Revolution. In the last 100 years or so, practically only socialists dreamed this dream. To create the ‘new man’, the old one must be eliminated. The Internet giants are only the vanguard. In the meantime, the banks are already beginning to strike powerfully (Deutsche Bank wants to cancel all business relations with Trump). Those who don’t follow suit will only get an account in an obscure regional bank in ‘Hungary’s Pampas’, and the transfer costs will eat away most of the income. And if all the dissidents have been driven into Bitcoin, how long will Bitcoin be around? As a ‘maledict’, one who can no longer get jobs or work for political reasons, what are you left with? Molotov cocktail or collecting bottles? Are these the alternatives? Ducking and hiding won’t help anything when the powerful start area bombardments. The Stalinists simply put everyone in the gulag who wasn’t a fiery Stalinist, or at least good at acting. I believe January 6, 2021 is a date steeped in history. The so-called ‘Democrats’ in the US are calling for ‘more than censorship’ of Trumpists. There is talk of re-education, of economic elimination, of things we know only from Maoism. The fact that Merkel declared the result of a state election unacceptable is just a small footnote in history.


Nikolai comments on this:

My three thoughts on the issue:

Contra Yarvin, there is some ‘democratic’ power over the Big Techs in terms of (a) Twitter mobs and (b) a user base that chooses to participate, and which might not.

Zuck and Jack look a bit scared to me. Just my imagination? What do others think? My suspicion, based on very little, is that they are more reasonable than they appear and would rather not do this bullshit. However, as Luisman points out, they could just quit and spend the rest of their lives in obscene luxury. I’ve always wondered why so few rich men do that. Not just ones mobbed by SJWs – I don’t understand why any man with more than $5M or so would spend another stressful day in the office. Something drives them aside from money. If not power, what?

Keep working on your antifragility.

Soviet Men

I have more hope. One must not consider despair. This is a point of crisis, and the elite are using the media to shut us up — from the nightly news to that Hellmouth called Hollywood.

This will fail. They are building on lies. Let us build on the truth.