I don’t use jetpack and Microsoft is even worse.

One of the hassles of the WordPress system is that if you don’t use their tools and their systems things. go. wrong. I’ve broken my wordpress account and have not used Jetpack or any paid Automattic plugins for a while. This is a hassle. I can’t read some posts (apart from those who are emailed) and some people can’t read here. It is annoying. If you self host and use wordpress you either have to pay Automattic for the tools which come as default at wordpress.com or you have to roll your own.

I’ve rolled my own. The RSS feed is here, RSS is probably the best way to aggregate. I generally use Adam’s Blogroll to get around, so I contributed to his linkage to Soviet man. I have managed, however, to install a plugin which allows me to take down the link page and put categorized links up. Please note that some blogs (such as Adam’s) end up in more than one place. For goodness sake, Adam managed to write this.

As Filotto states, it is heretical to place on equal footing with Christ the temporal matters of the world. But it is not just the heretical nature of these pronouncements but the modernist language that they use that is shocking to someone reading them for the first time almost 60 years after their publication. But the march to modernity that suffuses the Vatican II decrees are simply the result of the natural progression that followed the direct assault on the kingly order beginning with the American and French revolutions. Monarchs bring clarity, for good or ill. It is a Kingdom of Heaven, not a democratic republic of heaven. Democracy brings chaos, a continual muddying of the waters that leaves the average man believing in nothing as there is nothing that remains long enough in which to believe. That the Church got into bed with such a state of impermanence is the real earthly tragedy of Vatican II. The spiritual tragedy is another matter entirely.


I’m Calvinist, and I approve this message.

Over the weekend I decided to remove the classic wordpress text editor and try markdown. Which is not smooth enough: a previous iteration of this site used ghost and that is how markdown should work. However, Gutenberg works well enough. This means, for instance, on the lectionary posts, that the reference is correctly in the citation and things are a little more structured.

So let’s see how that works. In the meantime, Arch continues to keep my very old machines going quite nicely, thank you. I’m generally using cinnamon desktop environment. It is better than an Apple, and far better than Windows, who have even less beta testing. But both are converged, as St Didact reminds us.

But the fact that Microsoft thinks that this is an acceptable way to release software, tells you everything you need to know. They don’t tell you how to fix issues that THEY THEMSELVES CREATED. They simply dump a bad product onto you, and then expect you to muddle your way through the shitheap that they built. This problem wasn’t difficult to solve, fortunately. But it was a good reminder of the reasons why we all hate Microsoft. And I don’t think they’ll be improving their offerings anytime soon. They’re simply too heavily converged, too Indian, and too disinterested in actual customer service anymore. God help us all if Bonnie Ross – the female head of Microsoft’s gaming division, or at least she was back in 2015 – gelds HALO Infinite and turns the legendary Master Chief into a quadsexual gender-swapped social justice warrior fighting against MUH PATRIARKEE!!!. If that happens, I’m DONE.

Didatic Mind.

Unlike Didact, I’m not a Halo Fanboy. I’d rather build small appliances, practice viola, or go for a bike ride. The only reason to have a Microsoft Xbox S is for the blu ray player.