Use the crossplatform mail tools (if you can).

I have an aversion to Microsoft, and Apple. But I have to interact with Microsoft Exchange. This is a pain. In particular, the macOS Outlook client does not have good search tools. But Apple Mail does, and it integrates with Calendar. Which works nicely. Ironically Outlook on an Iphone works better than the mac.

Conversely, when I work in Windows 10 Outlook is superb. It is native to that OS and it shows. Microsoft polishes the windows version and is ignoring the other OS systems. They would rather we used a browser and the web interface to their software as a service cloud.

A better option is Mailspring. It does everything Thunderbird does and it has better indexing. The trouble is that most of the IT infrastructure want you to use the native tools.

Be a pragmatist. Use the native tools. Until you can get out if it. The move to either Arch Linux or Linux Mint. Both will probably work with your hardware, Arch has it in the AUR and mint understand snaps, which allows you to install Mailsporing

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9 months ago

Wondering if Mailspring will work with Protonmail. I just signed up for an email account and currently use Thunderbird. There is a bridge that you have to run for encryption purposes but of course the bridge only works with a paid account so I haven’t done that yet.

It won’t. I have Mailspring working on the Arch machines perfectly and on the work mac but… I’m using Brave and the web interface for protonmail. See