The slow implosion.

No, no, no. I am not talking about the USA. That will be a fast implosion, for the elite have gone full moron.

Me? I’ve seen what happens when your votes don’t matter. Elections will continue as a form, possibly for fifty years, if we let this bullshit go on that long. Your next president after Commie laWhorish is Michelle Obama, because the ignorant bitch hasn’t shit on us enough. She felt stupid and inferior at Harvard, and by gum, she’s going to make you grovel to pay for your sins. But your real masters are now Winnie the Pooh and his merry band of fascists. And we know what they do and how. I can’t get the order, but we’re about to see: social credit; the banning of conservatives from the internet; branding us as terrorists, just as they’re doing to innocent protesters; show trials; people disappearing; our money confiscated; our houses confiscated; more lock downs, to prevent revolt; more masks to promote alienation; more lies. When people die in the famine to come, it will be Covid-19 and Trump’s fault and you’ll be required to repeat it publicly. It won’t last. These commies are industrial-level STUPID. It won’t last. I give them ten years, maybe, before most of the country is starving, and they have no clue what to do about it. And then it all falls apart, because unlike Venezuelans, we have no one to help and no place to run to. Or, you know, we can stop pearl clutching and say “Hell no.” and “Molon labe” and stop repeating the lies the left wants written into history.

According to Hoyt.

I know there is a lot of ruin in an empire, but again, that is not what I’m seeing. Which is shops emptying. Kea here has a better set of eyes: she does most of the shopping for us, and she tells me that teenage clothing shops are closed: that the department stores have got rid of the high quality/high cost items. The closures have just started. The department store in our city is gone at the end of the year — and every big town in New Zealand still had, until now, one large department store to provide goods to the farmers sitting on farms now owned by the fifth or sixth generation (or the trust for those generations). But my city, which used to be the commercial capital during the gold rushes, has lost this.

Second bit of data. Son two mines bitcoin for a hobby, and his holdings have doubled in the last month. This is not a factor of bitcoin. It is a factor of currencies becoming stable.

Factor three: the spending in New Zealand is decreasing. This is best seen with cars: the spend in 2020 was 80% down, and for commercial vehicles 24% down. That decrease included rental car companies and firm fleets. Most kiwis buy second hand. Your cars should only be worth about a tenth of your annual income. Admittedly, I have a tendency to buy cheap (and Italian) if allowed.

At present we are rebuilding after having a couple of years of expenses. As I said earlier this week, my situation is unusual. But we do have money stashed away. Get the emergency fund — 12 weeks budgeted expenses — stashed away. Then work on your debt.

The rationale: you need an emergency fund regardless of your situation, hence it is the highest priority.  Debt comes next because debts cost you money the longer you have them.  Third comes increasing the emergency fund because having only three months of expenses saved is living on the edge and you don’t want to do that for any longer than necessary.  Last is investing because you generally can’t make long-term investments until you’re out of debt and have a good emergency fund set up.

Nikolai Vladivostok

At this time, don’t change your job. Keep everything as stable as it can be. Save. Ignore those who say you should take on more debt. Even if you officially have job security, this can disappear with one unwise tweet.

Which is another reason you need to kill all your social media. Do not have a linkedin account, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. They are searchable. Do have a secure email: your work email is searchable and Gmail is owned by the enemy.

The first sign of economic implosion is that the shops start emptying. That is happening in New Zealand now.