Around the traps.

I am not commenting for the next 48 hours on America. Note that is NZ time, so on our Friday, which is your Thursday, there may be some allusions to what has gone now. At present, it is best to say that we don’t know. In the meantime, consider how much high tech stuff is in your workstream, because Katy’s Widower notes that big tech is refusing to work with the US Department of Defence because their woke employees and management are triggered. Despite contracts.

As Wombat-Socho says, Silicon Valley delenda est.

Kiwi COVID Stuff.

Cam Slater says we are being softened up in NZ for the next lockdown when the covid 19 mutation gets into the country. What is happening is, as usual in our small country, that this is becoming political football. This is our so called right wing (in fact more progressive than libertarian) party in action.

“ACT’s January 6 call for a vaccine timetable review, and January 11 charge that the Government’s response to Covid 19 had become complacent, are being sadly vindicated with each day’s developments,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. “The Minister for COVID-19 Response and Director General of Health are contradicting each other about why vaccines are late to New Zealand. “Ashley Bloomfield says we are waiting for Medsafe approval before we get vaccines, Chris Hipkins says it’s up to the drug companies. Either way, the public deserves clarity. “When it comes to COVID-19, transparency is not just for transparency’s sake. The public deserve to know the Government is acting nimbly to avoid another lockdown. It’s not good enough to say other countries are able to rush their vaccine delivery because they face an emergency. If we do not vaccinate border workers, in particular, we may be facing one too. “Fresh from Ministers saying supply constraints and other countries’ experience of COVID-19 was dictating the timetable for vaccines arriving in New Zealand on Monday, this morning Ashley Bloomfield took us right back to square one by contradicting those Ministers and saying the order to ship won’t be made until Medsafe has signed off the vaccines’ safety. “The inconsistencies of 2020, when Ministers and officials couldn’t get their stories straight on PPE or testing are reappearing in 2021. The main difference is David Clark isn’t involved any more.

David Seymour, ACT.

If the vaccine ain’t that safe, then a delay is good. Medsafe vets all medications and therapeutic agencies in NZ, and it works slowly. This is normally deemed a good thing, though some people suffer for the delays. The simpler thing is to see if the UK, USA and Canada or OZ have reviewed this and review their findings.

Only in Dunedin.

After yesterday, the temperature is cool this morning. We had dew in the garden, there is a howling gale blowing. And the sea lions and being sea lions.

A large sea lion brought traffic to a halt near Dunedin yesterday after it took a seat in the middle of the road. A police spokeswoman said they received a call that a “large seal” was sitting in the middle of Taieri Mouth Rd, in Kuri Bush, at 11.39am. It was causing traffic issues as cars were having to stop. “It appears the seal could not get to the beach from where it was because there was a lot of trees and foliage in the way,” she said. Police arrived shortly after, but a member of the public had successfully ushered it 150m back on to the beach. Department of Conservation coastal ranger Jim Fyfe said, despite not seeing it himself, it was likely to be a sea lion, rather than a fur seal, because of where it was found and its behaviour. It was the time of the year when sea lions played “cat and mouse”. Females were searching for hiding spots along the coast while males were out wandering, trying to find the females and their pups, he said.

Otago Daily Times

Blogging could slow down a bit particularly when it comes to the book reviews. Life is getting busy. Some things you cannot programme ahead of time. The crisis, like COVID, is not here yet, and we need to be ready.

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9 months ago

In the last 5 years, Big Tech has made headway in their push for more DOD work, but issues like this could come back to bite them.
While they make more from the DOD than they used to, they are still a (relatively) small part of the DOD, even when looking just at software – programming, server support, etc still primarily come from traditional DOD contractors, especially Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrup Grumman.

Since I’m not an American, and have nothing to do with this — and BCF is a Canadian, thank you