Midweek administration.

  • Parler is gone, dusted, and dead.
  • Gab is now very slow and having to use cloudflare.
  • As a family, we are de facebooking.
    • Instagram is gone.
    • We are moving to telegram rather than messenger.
  • I am de googling this place.
    • That means that Google analytics is off, and I’ve removed SEO.
    • The old emails are gone.
    • My email readers don’t point to gmail.
    • I have backed up most things.
    • The email is moving to protonmail: all gmail is now forwarded
    • I have emailed most people who use this.
  • The only external tracker is statcounter. The real total there is 51 K.
  • The linkage page is now up.
  • I have unsubscribed to wordpress updates.
  • I’m basically unsubscribing to most if not all commercial mail systems.
  • The theme has gone grey (Black was unreadable). It is a bleak time.

Plans for the weekend include trialling rootkitting and replacing android on an old phone, and then aiming to do the same to the one I use. I need minimal apps, and most of them are not made by google.

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9 months ago

Hey, Weka. Good for you.

I canceled my Prime account recently. Just gonna have to pay for shipping and wait for stuff. The way folks used to do.

I also removed the IG app from my phone.

It’s a little bit, and it’s a pin drop in an ocean, but it’s worth it to my conscience to do whatever I can.