Notes from the USA

These are the elite, as the colour revolution they engineered turns against them.

At the moment, one person has been shot, but this is happening. I must confess I feel that they were warned. The left have not left any space for dissent, and they have rorted the national election in November and the Georgia runoff yesterday. There are those who say that the invasion was set off as a false flag by the Antifa.

It is immaterial. Half the population of the USA is pissed. The half that controls the highways, pipelines, and food trucks. Unless there is some leadership from those running down tunnels to get away from the crowds, this will end very badly.

UPDATE. Peter Grant comments. Note that Peter is a moderate and an ex South African. He has seen more than one coup.

… we’re seeing the truth of the old Biblical adage:  “Those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind.” If I were in D.C. today, I’d be in the Capitol along with the protesters. This is what happens when the Left thinks it can get away with murder, and acts accordingly – only to be brought up short by the righteous anger of those they’ve wronged and ignored. So, now . . . let the cards fall where they may.  As Julius Caesar said, Alea iacta est.  The die is cast.  Nobody knows what the future holds – but it will definitely not be “politics as usual” any more.

Bayou Renaissance Man

Stacey McCain notes that this is now lethal.

News organizations are now confirming that the woman who got shot at the Capitol has died

The Other McCain.

Over at Red state, the woman has been identified, and the issue of how she was shot is raised. In the meantime, Congress says they will meet this evening to confirm Biden as President. As if that will stop this fire.

Law enforcement are going to need to answer what happened here, if they shot her. Because she was unarmed allegedly and it doesn’t appear she was doing much besides standing there. So it’s not clear what was the threat that required a response with deadly force. But again as with any police incident, we need to wait for the information to come in as to the full explanation as to what went down. But break in the building? Arrest, tase, pepper spray. Police never fired live ammo at violent Antifa and BLM in any encounter over the past several months that I recall. Her name is reportedly Ashli Babbitt was a 14 year Air Force veteran, served four tours, was a high level security officer.

Red State
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9 months ago

I watched the video. She tried to climb through a window from one hallway into another. Was then shot in the back (of the head or neck apparently). It is quite horrendous. Lots of shouting but not much threat that I could see. Don’t know why they chose to open fire.