Theology will follow. Based is a dog whistle. The choice is binary: to be based or to seek the creator and follow his plan, To be woke is to be debased, to follow the rancid rainbow, and cheerfully converge. It is to remove yourself from the gene pool, and enrol in the armies of hell.

Most of you already know that based was formed by shaving the first two letters from debased, to form a new word meaning the opposite of debased, thus completing the pair of a formerly unpaired word (as in gruntled from disgruntled). Based is everything debased is not.

Non-procreative sexual activities are debased. Procreation is based. Sexual orientation is debased. Biology is based. Body positivity is debased. Beauty is based. Hyper-processed food and soy are debased. Meat and wine are based. Individualism is debased. Obedience to legitimate authority is based. Drugs are debased. Discipline is based. Diversity and unchecked immigration is debased.

Family and a shared culture is based. “Progress” is debased. Custom and tradition are based. Modern textbooks are debased. Old books are based.

Screaming “racism!” is debased. Understanding race is based. Equality is debased. Difference is based. Cowardice and effeminacy is debased. Bravery, masculinity, and femininity are based. Unthinking atheism is debased. Worship of God is based. Ignorance and denial of the Nature of things is debased. Understanding the limits implied by Nature is based.


Two examples: this is based. (hat tip the SDL)

The government of Uganda has disabled Twitter within its borders for election interference, days after oligarch Jack Dorsey took initiative to suspend accounts supportive of President Yoweri Museveni. President Museveni is known as a devout Christian, and has been the target of animosity from western governments and global corporations his his staunch opposition to homosexualism. Uganda’s election is scheduled for Thursday, and the state has suspended Facebook and Twitter’s services for systemic bias against his National Resistance Movement. The country’s communications oversight agency ordered internet service providers to block service to the western social media platforms as a means to erode their capabilities. “Uganda Communications Commission hereby directs you to immediately suspend any access and use, direct or otherwise, of all social media platforms and online messaging applications over your network until further notice,” read a letter from the state to ISP’s. The government of Uganda is leading the world in opposition to the domination of western corporations, and securing the integrity of Ugandan democracy.

And the rancid rainbow complains: the want to take anyone who disagrees.

What is missing in this is that if you are not based, you are debased. There are plenty of debased leaders who procliam their convervative or theological credentials. You can see them by their fruits: the consequences in their lives.

The only role we should have with such is that we pray they repent.