A few changes of policy.

One of the things I enjoy is music, and when I’m doing the lectionary posts there has been music interwoven. I enjoy finding songs that sort of allude to the scriptures. But over the last few days embedding youtube videos has become increasingly difficult. This morning I coould not get a video into the website,

And I consider this is not a bad thing. Youtube is part of Google, and tootle makes its money out of marketing our attention. It knows our virtues and vices probably better than we do, and sels that information to the highest bidder. They have actively influenced elections.

I don’t like Apple and despise Microsoft, but they are less evil.

One thing I can do is not use Youtube here. I am listening to worship music right now: streaming from a phone, using a service I pay for. Until we have better platforms, the only thing we can do is boycott.

So no more music. Perhaps more memes.

As for other stuff, the headers are once again randomized. Because I use wpDscuz, you can rate posts as well as comment on them. Cleantalk is still blocking al lot of things, so if you can’t get through email me.

I’m taking two weeks off work starting today, which was planned, but I need to spend a fair amount of that time on completing a project in real life. I will do the best possible to get a lectionary post up each day, but (as in yesterday) this will be at times a challenge.

In the meatime, some memes testing wordpress.