They all phone home.

We are right in the middle of transition, and all the hardware is being packed up right now. Which leaves me with the MacPro. There is a reason I have a mac: the work will either give one a mac or dell windows machine, and I hate windows. Not that mac is much better. This rant is a beauty.

From my experience working in tech support, Apple is what all technically clueless, midwits, dimwits and nitwits slavishly use exclusively. And are often too dumb to even use. That company and its practices are insufferable. They love to take control and transparency away from the final user and make things as unintuitive, counterintuitive and cumbersome as possible for anyone with any technical knowledge and computer skills. It’s hard to discern whether idiots use apple products because they’re too dumb to use anything else or whether you become an idiot (or exacerbate your idiocy) by using apple products for extended durations. Or both.

And the overwhelming majority of woke morons only use Apple as well. I hate Apple with a passion for their unfair and anti-consumer business practices, their overpriced and under performing and unreliable products and their staunch support of technical illiteracy and idiocy.

Anything that hurts Apple, I approve of. Anytime Apple hurts, I rejoice.

The advantage mac has for me comes down to mail and calendar — both of which work. My employer has moved to office 365 for almost everything and that is removing much of the advantage a mac has because 365 has had a lot… a lot… of teething problems that seem to exist regardless of what you are using at the other end.

If I was spending my own money, which I might have to fairly soon, I would not be using a mac. But that also has problems.

I don’t remember anyone ever saying that freedom was cheap. You want to be free from Apple and Google and still have the communication experience they provide, you’re going to pay Apple prices for it. Of course with the Librem 5 phone you also get hardware kill switches that physically interrupt the electrical circuit to devices like the camera, microphone, bluetooth antenna, etc. In not too much more time there will also be a compatibility layer for Android apps similar to WINE which I’m expecting to be functionally hit or miss just like WINE, but better than nothing.

All Korean electronics call home. Don’t care what it is, phone, TV, whatever, it spies on you for LG or Samsung. All Android devices call home on you for Google. Apple is now doing the exact same thing, as Microsoft has been doing the entire time with Windows. It’s still possible to find a Linux distro or BSD version that doesn’t spy on you (despite ongoing convergence attempts)- avoid Fedora(because IBM) or anything based on Ubuntu.

Getting rid of big tech doesn’t just mean dumping Facebook. It means migrating over to entirely new hardware and software ecosystems. It means no more Star Wars or anything Disney. It means dropping anything corporate. It means stopping doing business with those that openly hate you. It’s a total package.

If you pre order the librem 14 fully loaded (32 GB ram, 1 TB SSD) you are facing $2117 US right now. If you get a dell XPS 13 developer’s edition with ubuntu same specifications you are looking at $1739 US. Pure OS is based on Debian, the Dell on Ubuntu. I don’t use Ubuntu by choice… but Linux Now in OZ seems to use Dell as a base for the linux laptops.

It’s worth nothing that Pinephone is defaulting to Manjaro, a variant of ARCH, and KDE for their phone.

And the Pinebook would do almost everything I need at around $600 once I’d installed a nvme adaptor and SSD. (Hint to Pine: make this). That also defaults to Manjaro.

The cheap paranoid version at the moment is the Pinephone and pinebook. However, I’m not in the market until the end of this year, by which time things will have changed.