Who thought Lead Poisoning would be a thing in 2021?

One of the things that can and does cause brain damage is lead poisoning. Lead accumulates: you cannot process it. Water testing is about two things — ensuring there are no water borne diseases (Typhoid fever and the like) and keeping mercury and lead out of our drinking water. We use copper and plastic piping for the same reason. But, no, we now have areas near me that have to use bottled water.

Elevated levels of lead were detected in part of Dunedin’s water supply as far back as August last year, but authorities did not advise affected residents to stop drinking the water until yesterday.
Waikouaiti and Karitane residents have been told to stop using tap water for drinking, cooking or preparing food until further notice.

The order was issued yesterday after a sample taken at the Waikouaiti reservoir on January 20 showed an elevated level of lead. The result, received on Friday last week, prompted yesterday’s notice, but the Dunedin City Council and Public Health South had already received indications several times in recent months that something was amiss.

The Dunedin City Council revealed today six samples out of 90 taken in the past six months returned results with elevated lead.

The first of these was received on August 13, 2020.

The council says that after a verification test, and consultation with an independent drinking water assessor, it was determined this was a one-off spike rather than any indication of a widespread issue.

Regular sampling continued and at that stage, there was no evidence of continuing elevated levels of lead in the water, the council says.

Dunedin City Council infrastructure services general manager Simon Drew said it was important for residents to understand yesterday’s notice was issued as a precaution based on public health advice.

Of the six results with elevated lead levels, four were recorded at the Waikouaiti Golf Club – near the end of the supply line – one at the Karitane Bowls Club, and one at the Waikouaiti raw water reservoir. No elevated results were recorded at a sample site on the main street of Waikouaiti.

Any decision to issue a notice not to drink the water is based on expert public health advice.

All of the results with elevated lead levels received by the council were sent to the independent drinking water assessor contracted by the Ministry of Health and decisions made in consultation with them, the council said.

The key result that led to the notice being issued was from a sample taken at the Waikouaiti reservoir on January 20. The sample result was received by the council on January 29 and forwarded to the drinking water assessor.

On Monday, Public Health South called a meeting to discuss the appropriate course of action. That meeting took place yesterday morning.

The council then received advice from the medical officer of health that all consumers on the water supply should be advised not to use tap water for drinking, cooking or preparing food until further notice.

The council said it acted on that advice immediately.

We put water filters in (no we don’t live in those area: they are 20 minutes north of us) and buy bottled water when traveling. We did this because we were noticing we were getting rashes. Given what has been found in the water, a bit of functional paranoia helps.

The education system is working as designed

In the last couple of days there have been a whole number of reports published. It is the end of the summer break for most, a good time to bury things. On international tests of reading and arithmetic, New Zealand is doing worse. So the education system is going to concentrate on mental health and resilience as the COVID lockdowns end.

Which will probably increase the number of kids with issues. Teachers are no longer good as teaching, which is as designed: by politicizing everything they have made an ignorant generation who can be manipulated. The system is working as they designed, and the damage to the kids is a feature, not a bug.

Tar. Feathers. Poles. Some assembly required.

If that won’t do, there’s always rope. Anything more would be merely wasteful expenditure of a valuable asset – something California is very good at, to be sure, but we don’t need to follow their example yet again.

Seriously, why would any parent want to subject their children to having that sort of arrant nonsense pumped into their heads? If you want to know where Antifa, and BLM, and all these weird and wonderful fringe groups came from, look no further. We’ve allowed our education system to be overrun by moonbats, and we’re now enjoying (?) the fruits of our neglect. To take it back, and cleanse it of their filth, and remake it into something of worth and value to society, is going to take a Herculean effort – if it’s possible at all. It may be simpler and easier to just fire everybody in the system, close down every school and college and university, and start again by appointing teachers and educators from scratch. Previous employment in the field should probably disqualify applicants from consideration – permanently.

Architecture as worship

Amazon has a new project. A campus of three 22 story buildings surrounding a park with a silver turd in the middle of it. Space for restaurants, food trucks, and bike parks. No room for cars.

Restaurants for the Eloi, food trucks for the Morlocks. And I seriously doubt there’ll by many food trucks in that restricted of a waterfront pedestrian area.

The proposed Helix building is an architecturally perfect expression of Climate Change. It is unnecessarily expensive and inefficient, an eyesore to non-druids, located where it would be destroyed if climate change was real and most of all, a place where senior management can project death rays of reflected sunlight upon the luckless hives of Dirt People.

Gunner Q is correct. This is a druidic panopticon. The eloi will micro regulate the morlocks, but will not apply the rules to themselves. Nothing here has changed.

Do not be like them.

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11 months ago

I rather feel as if allowing lead in public water should be an offense punishable by said rope. You know, you tell – or else. Silly me, not wanting children permanently damaged.