The leaden traps.

COVID anxiety

There has been a case of COVID in Melbourne (in the hotel quarantining tennis players before the Melbourne Open tournament) and chairman Dan has slammed the restrictions back down. I don’t like Melbourne or its doofus premier.

Practically, we are planning in NZ to have a closed border until 2022. Despite this, we have another community case today, and we are being advised to take our computers home in case we can’t get back to work due to changes in COVID alert level.

Watch this space.

The ongoing lead issue

More on the ongoing issue with lead in the local water supplies. (Not where I live and we filter our water). The local health board is going to offer Lead level (blood) tests “for reassurance” to those who live in the Northern parts of Dunedin City. The levels have now been reported as 40 times normal. (please note that the ODT has been updating the story at this link).

Waikouaiti and Karitane residents will be offered blood lead level testing as early as next week, Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield has revealed.
On Tuesday afternoon the council advised Karitane and Waikouaiti residents not to drink tap water after testing at the Waikouaiti raw water reservoir showed elevated levels of lead.
Testing near the end of the supply line had previously showed intermittent spikes in lead since August last year, but officials decided the public did not need to be warned until this month.
The reservoir test result revealed there could be contamination at the water source.
Speaking at today’s Covid-19 briefing, Dr Bloomfield said he had been updated about the situation after Ministry of Health officials spoke to the Dunedin City Council, Public Health South and the organisation which carried out testing of the water.
He had been told the 1500 residents in the townships north of Dunedin would be offered blood lead level testing to provide assurance.

The association with intellectual disability is well known, and the main treatment continues to be chelation therapy. (Yes, it is mainstream for some things).

Me? I’m drinking water filtered or from a can or sealed bottle right now.

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8 months ago

Is that 40 times normal, or 40 times the allowable limit?
I notice that they didn’t say what the actual level was. If I did my math right, the .01mg/L they give is a level of 10 parts per million. 40 times that would be 400 parts/million, which is about the beginning of where the US EPA starts to get worried for long term exposure.