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There is a end of life choice act in place, but it is a one year implementation period. There are questionnaires being sent out to see who would assist in this.

Following New Zealanders voting in support of the End of Life Choice Act in a referendum held at the same time as last year’s election, the ministry has a year to devise and put in place the framework patients will use to avail themselves of the law’s provisions.

The ministry has recently surveyed all New Zealand senior medical officers to ask if they wish to be included in a list of physicians who agree to provide end of life services.

“I was shocked when, upon answering that I will not take part in assisted dying, the MoH survey offered the following question: ‘What areas would you want more information on for you to be willing to provide assisted dying services?’.”

The first area listed in the question was “funding arrangements”, which the doctor felt was “despicable”.

“The ministry should respect my choice not to provide assisted dying services and should never try to sway my position, and certainly never use funding as an enticement.”

Many are saying no. Dr Davidson, who assisted his mother to die, has a track record of ignoring restrictions. That led to him being sruck off

Euthanasia advocate Sean Davison has been censured and had his registration cancelled for not disclosing details of murder charges he faced in South Africa to New Zealand medical authorities.
Mr Davison, who made headlines in 2011 when convicted in the High Court at Dunedin for counselling and procuring the attempted suicide of his terminally-ill mother Patricia Davison, had successfully applied with the New Zealand Medical Council in 2018 to work only as a medical laboratory scientist.

At the time Mr Davison applied to be registered the council, aware though media reports that Mr Davison had been involved in another assisted suicide in South Africa, asked him for further information about “what you have done in the intervening years [since
his 2011 conviction] which could give the council assurance that this was a one-off offence and you would not propose a risk to the public in general?”

Mr Davison replied that he had campaigned “in a dignified manner’’ for a law change on assisted dying, and that would not impact adversely on his role as a health practitioner.

Mr Davison was granted registration in June 2018.

However, Mr Davison had been involved, to varying degrees, with three different assisted suicides in South Africa, offences for which he was arrested three months later and charged with murder for each death.

Mr Davison was convicted in June 2019 and due to the “substantial and compelling factors’’ of the cases, sentenced to three years correctional supervision rather than the possible sentence of life imprisonment.

A Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal decision released today said Mr Davison did not inform the council of the convictions.

The decision said Mr Davison accepted that this was information the council could reasonably expect to receive from him.

More on lead

This part of the post is around the ongoing lead issue. The DCC is finally replacing a potential source of lead, and they darn well should. My property taxes are being used wisely.

Old cast-iron water pipes with lead joins are being replaced in Waikouaiti, as officials seek to remove one possible cause of contamination of drinking water.

Contractors have begun on-site preparations for the first stage of work to replace about 5km of old pipes in Edinburgh St and adjoining streets.

“After assessing the sections of pipe as possible causes of lead contamination, we have decided the best course of action is to replace them as quickly as possible,” Dunedin City Council 3 Waters group manager Tom Dyer said.

“The source of the intermittent spikes in lead levels has not yet been confirmed, but this work will remove one potential source of contamination.”

I can recall my Dad ensuring that I was no where near a church working bee when I was very young… because they were repainting the building, and no one knew if there was lead in the paint.

Some of the locals are taking things into their own hands.

Michelle Cox has lived in Waikouaiti for nearly a decade.

“No one can say how long those spikes have actually lasted … no one can say it’s only been there a few hours so we wouldn’t know who has been drinking the water at what time of the week and whether that’s been part of that spike or not, or whether they’ve missed spikes,” Cox said.

The recent water scare has motivated her family to go beyond getting their blood tested – they’re putting in a water catchment from their roof.

“So we’re going to try and remove that question mark ourselves by going independently with a water tank for rain water.”

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11 months ago

Heresolong: Well, since you left CA you don’t know this, but you can buy the morning after pill from a vending machine at the local University…

11 months ago

Another question. Rather than replace 5km of pipes because they “may” be a source, why wouldn’t they test at each end and confirm that they “are” a source prior to spending that money? As a mechanic I don’t replace parts on my customer’s vehicle because it “may” be the problem. On the other hand, I am spending his money and my reputation, of which the government is doing neither.

11 months ago

The ability to opt out of the “end of life” program will not last. Much like the debate about gay marriage, we very quickly moved from “why do you care who gets married” to “your church should lose non-profit status if you don’t support gay marriage” to “you are an evil person and must be banned from polite society if you don’t”. IIRC abortion pills had roughly the same trajectory. First they were legally available, then it was a crime to not dispense them as a pharmacist, even if you had moral objections. The left starts with reasonable sounding arguments about the injustice of keeping something they support illegal, then quickly moves to mandates that you must actively support it.

Bob Hope had a joke that he visited San Francisco and discovered that they had made homosexuality legal. He said he got out quickly before they made it mandatory.