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How to learn

Alwyn Poole is an education blogger. He writes about the need for parents to teach, and how to deal with the appalling statistics for mathematics and literacy acheivements in NZ. His final advice for students is applicable to anyone at any time.

Therefore, the third intervention is that if you are a student of the subject (or guiding one at all levels) there is a very trusted method that works and makes the subject much easier than many currently experience it.

1. Be well organized for every school day. Sleep well. Eat breakfast. Have all books and equipment you need for school. Dress well. Start the day with a great attitude.

2. Be positive towards the subject and teacher regardless of the approach of others.

3. Pay MASSIVE attention in every class. Make good notes. When you don’t understand – ask questions (during or after class). FOCUS is everything!

4. Take all of your books home each night and, with pencil in hand, review the lesson for the day. Practice the hardest problems until you go – “uh ha!”

5. Once a week write summary/study notes for the past week and practice some more.

6. Always do your set homework.

7. Always aim for excellence/100%! This doesn’t mean getting things right first time. It involves seeking help, correcting, doing it again, and again. When each level gets MASTERED move onto the next one.

If students follow this process then what they are learning will be increasingly locked in. When they get towards exams/assessments they will know things well. Many children consider themselves “bad at Maths” but genius is about effort!


This is a fork of firefox. It is installable on a mac, and does a few things that Mozilla does not. It does not phone home to Mozilla. It blocks advertisements and trackers. It is a clean recompile of Mozilla source code. I’ve used brave for a reasonable length of time, but it, like Opera, is based on Chromium, and google is in the process of breaking this.

This works in Artix by adding one repo to /etc/pacman, but on a mac you have to compile it from git. In Arch it is easy:

 yay -S librewolf

. Use option 2: libreoffice-bin. The other way compiles everything and you are not running gentoo or linux from scratch.

Well worth it. Google is evil, Mozilla is converged. Use recompiled code revised by people who understand security.

Never bet against /pol/

The NZ government pressured local ISPs to ban 4chan and 8chan in its entirety, as well as putting the manifesto of the Aussie who decided to shoot up a mosque and the video on the obscene publications list. This is not enough for the woke academics. But they are betting against autists. Never, evern bet againsts 4chan. I don’t like Andrew Little, but he is correct: there is too much traffic in the panopiticon to find the signal from the noise, and AI is not the solution. You need Human Intelligence.

The Soviets and their idiot German Stepchildren, the Stasi, could have told you that.

Local internet service providers banned 4chan and the related 8chan, after the March 15 terror attacks.
But Buchanan said there are still problems. “The bans instituted by the internet providers here in New Zealand is not sufficient when it comes to extremists communicating with each other.”
Buchanan said New Zealand’s intelligence agencies, the SIS (New Zealand Security Intelligence Service) and the GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau) should take that as a “matter of priority concern”.
Buchanan said he is pleased police are not ignoring such online threats.
He said although the police were alerted by members of the public, officers did well to act fast.
Buchanan said it was not concerning police did not sight the threats sooner, because at least they acted swiftly to arrest the man accused of making them.

Minister Responsible for the GCSB and NZSIS Andrew Little earlier told RNZ that security services cannot constantly monitor the internet to identify terror threats and had to rely on tip-offs to pick up threats of this nature.


I like Mailspring. In partictular, I like its search engine. I don’t use it for exchange accounts because the Admin people don’t like them their open source — Apple Mail is the next best choice, then thunderbird. But Mailspring does not work nicely with Protonmail. It does work with Fastmail, and I’m testing this right now. If I can get that working, I can set up a domain email and that will make like a lot easier. If anyone has comments on thsi, please add them. In the meantime, I suggest that yahoo and gmail accounts are considered useful for honey traps only.

Protonmail does have very good apps for the phones, though.

Comments would help here.