Monday Technical.

Well, a few things that have happened this week. We moved, and this meant that we needed to move the intertubes. Most of urban NZ has fibre in the house. So checked with our ISP. New house has fibre there. So I bought everything over, and ,,, nothing worked. We have a tech friend who checked the cabling. No dice.

The ISP has an app. I checked. No broadband account. A couple of phone calls later and the previous owner had not switched his account off. Got him to do that, and then (two days later) had internet. Which is one of the reasons that not much posting happened last week.

Artix Linux

Artix is Arch Linux without systemd. There are old ways of booting a system, and more modern ways. The laptop (which is dying) froze. I had downloaded a version of plasma with runit — the same boot loader as Apple uses (Apple rips off much of its software from the open source community). So booted it, worked out that you had to click the “stick” option and it came up. I don’t have anything not backed up on the laptop: which is an really old Acer… so did a default overwrite.

And the system would not install. If I did a manual partition and formatted everything… it worked.

The other thing you have to do is get the internet up (it is hidden in plasma on the live screen under the “extra” things on the right) first as Artix looks for modules it needs as part of the install.

But it is working. I have everything set up as default, including using Falkon rather than something commercial as the browser. It is managing wordpress ok.

The usual command line tools work:

 # pacman -Syy
# pacman -Syu

And as usual the first update takes a hell of a long time. I then installed libreoffice, digikam, ark, gimp and darktable. That gives me a working system. Rebooted, everything is up and running.