Good news: Journalists weeping.

There are defamation laws in the commonwealth, and they can be used to hold the press to account, unlike in the USA, where frank lies were used as evidence in the most recent kangaroo court attacks on Trump.

The current feminists blame all men scandal will end badly.

The ABC-led media-elite witch hunt against Australian Attorney-General Christian Porter has followed a drearily familiar script. Trumped-up allegations, an unfashionably conservative target and an unscrupulous media whipping up a frenzied lynch-mob. The method is the same whether the target is a frumpy church-goer (Lindy Chamberlain), an unashamedly conservative clergyman (Cardinal George Pell) or, horror of horrors, a successful conservative politician.

Why wouldn’t the hysterical harpies of the left-media keep trashing the rule of law and the lives of the innocent accused? It gets them the attention they so desperately crave (and are getting less and less of, as the public desert the mainstream media in droves) – and they never, ever get held to account.

For once, though, one of their victims is not taking it. Attorney-General Christian Porter has shocked the great and good of the left-media by launching defamation proceedings against the ABC.

About time. The good thing about court cases is discovery: you can demand not only the articles but all the emails related to the article. All the tweets. The only defense is that you reported facts, not rumours, and without malice.

If you believe the ABC — or the Fairfax Media, or Red Radio, or Pravda One — are without malice I have the Cuomo Bridge to sell you.

The best thing to do with state media is sell them. Let them learn to scratch. Let them seek sponsors. Tax money should, instead, be used for doing good.