19 March 2021

When we are talking about repentance, it is not bad practice to consider how people in the Bible handled their sins, and David’s adultery with Bathsheba is a classic example. This led to the meditations of a penitent sinner by Anne Locke, which were linked to when the blog began. It is also worth noting that David did not blame God, but took responsibility for his own fault. We are tested, and at times we fail. Repentance is hard, and many will avoid it.

A reader with the coronal yet Trissino-esque* name of Stephen J writes: “Well, one possibility that occurs to me is that an undeniable universal revelation would take away the point of us having free will: love is not love where there is no choice about it.” I have always had grave doubts about this explanation. Freedom of the will is not imposed upon by truth, no matter how it is present, but pride is very much imposed upon. Allow me to offer an alternate theory.

My speculation is that undeniable universal revelation would cause many millions of souls, out of anger and hate, to leap willingly into hell to escape the light shed from the face of God, who might otherwise, more slowly, be lured inch by inch into growing and seeing that their sins are bad, slowly admitting that they are sick, slowly admitting that they need aid, and slowly find themselves willing to give God a try. God showed himself to the angels he created, and not one, not a single one, had any doubt about the proposition of his existence, and yet one third, if ancient report is to be believed, leaped into hell to escape him.

As an ex atheist allow me to assure you, to assure you most solemnly, that each and every one of the tribe who says that lack of evidence is a barrier to his consent to the proposition is either innocently mistaken or deliberately lying.

The lack of evidence for an atheist is a by product of a philosophy that limits consideration of evidence only to propositions that will not lead to the uncomfortable conclusion that a being superior in nature to man makes a demand of obedience on the conscience.

John C Wright.

Enough. We have sufficient revelation to know we have all fallen. If we do not have the word of God, we have our conscience, and if we do not have our conscience, we have the consequences of our actions on those we love. Or on the community

There are those who say we should not love, nor hate, nor connect, nor commune, but should stand alone, shaking our antlers in the air. They are quoting Invictus, written by an Victorian atheist, inspired by Milton though he may deny it, for this is the stance of Satan, and Hell.

But repentance is required if there is to be mercy.

51 Have mercy on me, O God,
according to your steadfast love;
according to your abundant mercy
blot out my transgressions.
2 Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity,
and cleanse me from my sin!
3 For I know my transgressions,
and my sin is ever before me.
4 Against you, you only, have I sinned
and done what is evil in your sight,
so that you may be justified in your words
and blameless in your judgement.
5 Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity,
and in sin did my mother conceive me.
6 Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being,
and you teach me wisdom in the secret heart.
7 Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean;
wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.
8 Let me hear joy and gladness;
let the bones that you have broken rejoice.
9 Hide your face from my sins,
and blot out all my iniquities.
10 Create in me a clean heart, O God,
and renew a right spirit within me.
11 Cast me not away from your presence,
and take not your Holy Spirit from me.
12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation,
and uphold me with a willing spirit.

Psalm 51:1-12

The gospel — the good news — is that the penitent can find forgiveness and comfort and gentleness from God, who has been incarnate as a man, who understands our temptations and weaknesses, and has mercy, grace and wisdom to deal with our faults, sharp edges. Even the evil that we have chosen.

He was begotten for this: not to damn the world but to save it.

14 Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. 15 For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. 16 Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

5 For every high priest chosen from among men is appointed to act on behalf of men in relation to God, to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins. 2 He can deal gently with the ignorant and wayward, since he himself is beset with weakness. 3 Because of this he is bound to offer sacrifice for his own sins just as he does for those of the people. 4 And no one takes this honour for himself, but only when called by God, just as Aaron was.

Hebrews 414-54

But the world does not want you to approach the throne of Grace with confidence, for in that is being a child of God, and freedom, and life. They want you a slave, and if you are no longer useful, to choose death willingly. As Adam says, the good thing about this crisis is that it has moved us our of being comfortably numb.

The key point made is that we must willingly submit to the system for it to have power over us. Before the lockdowns the system did this obliquely; it encouraged a great deal of personal freedom which led people to a life of excess in many different forms. The ultimate goal of the system being to cause us to neglect and turn away from our spiritual selves in relation to God. Even those who did try to focus on their spiritual selves were often led astray by false spirituality such as the new age movement and other spiritual dead ends. That is where I was in my state of being comfortably numb.

But much like I was catapulted into a sharp refocus as a result of a great personal crisis, so the world has been thrown into a great crisis as a result of artificial manipulation by the system, (whether that being organic or pre-determined is still to be identified, as the discussions on my last few articles have shown.) Many people affected by this in a negative manner have no doubt fallen into despair as a result of them still being invested in the physical system. But I have noticed a sharp increase in the number of people in my general circle who are making their first tentative steps on a spiritual journey back to God. In some cases it is no doubt a direct result of the personal crises in which they find themselves. But I have had people tell me that it was the overreach by the system that caused them to re-evaluate their spiritual position. The globalists may well have overplayed their hand.

The globalist system is very fragile and vulnerable to individuals who do not fall for its traps. Because it is attempting to obfuscate a spiritual battle with a physical battle, all it takes for people to defeat it is to not accept its terms. You win the game by not playing. And because it has no direct control over an individual’s spiritual salvation, because each one of us is ultimately free to see through the lies and to embrace God on His terms no matter what our physical reality may be, then the system cannot win. The system must rely on falsehoods, lies and misdirection. Those are its only weapons. That is why it comes down so quickly on people who utilise effective rhetoric against its methods

Pushing Rubber Downhill.

The choice is binary. You either pay attention to the spiritual, and be thankful for the beauty you find and the food you can eat. You praise God for all that is good in your life, and pray for help in dealing with the difficulties you have.

You don’t take the ticket, and you know that the secular world will not promote you, for they are offended by the Spirit of God which has made your body its temple.