The fourth turning will not be progressive redux.

The term the fourth turning comes from Howe and Strauss. I’m not sure if there will be a United States at the end of the current crisis. I’m more sure about the South Island — it will revolt against the woke. Most societies will. The fourth turning will be a return to sanity, to families, to faith, and to the nation.

Not the empire. Hungary is a better model than Russia: the imperial systems of Washington and Brussels are the dying antithesis of the decaying policies of the boomers. As one of my friends said: those who voted to abort their children will be killed by them, and the boomers are stupid enough to vote for that.

The time of silence will end. But at present, the beast is still thrashing.

For my entire life, if you aspired to a life in the arts, the sciences, or anything beyond semi-skilled (and even then) and you were a conservative, you’d BEST keep your mouth shut, and at worst signal centrist. And expect to pay for being centrist. For the last twenty years, the way to get ahead was to signal communist. Anything less than that, and you’d be hampering yourself. At best you’d be considered not very smart, at worst you’d be assumed to be evil.

Think back at all the loud political conversations you ever heard in public: not one of them signaled right. Think about ALL the political stuff you ever got from professional associations; at professional meetings; at family parties.

For the longest time we could tell the conservatives in our midst, because they were always quiet on the politics, no matter how crazy things got. ALWAYS.

This is no longer always true. As it’s not longer always true that the loud politics in public are always left. We’re starting to sometimes, here and there, hear the right lose their shit in public. We’re starting to see the right refusing to be cowed by the bullshit when told that their side is evil-bad or when someone is held up as a monster for resisting the left.

I think the left has been in a (worse than normal) panic since they realized despite all their demonization Kyle Rittenshouse became an immediate folk hero. That is why there is razor wire around the capital, and why they have a love-hate relationship with those guarding them. Because they know the tide is turning.

Not that they want to admit it. Thereby they invent Quanon and other “conspiracies’ whipping up the people. Because it can’t be that they never had the people, they just had control of the means of mass communication AND managed to cow everyone who dissented into silence by destroying lives and reputations. No, their myth promises the people are with them. And they keep demanding we fall in line with their increasingly deranged play.

This is why instead of seeing Trump as the rebellion of the people: a shot over the prow as it were. Instead they must attribute to him Svengali-like powers to whip up the mob. Because only that can explain why their plan went awry. And why we keep resisting.

In the arts, and other such positions, things are changing. Most of the cancelled people are finding better, or at least better paid positions.

Most of the leftist institutions are imploding under their massive effort at control which of course included the covidiocy.

They are fighting like wounded pigs, because they are. And they’re running out of time.

It is worth noting who is the population who makes up the beast. Or better, who it is not. It is not males from the majority population. It is the woke, the gammas, the elderly and the women. All of whom survive by the sweat of hard work from others. Standards have to drop so that these people are credentialled, and they bring with them dysfunction.

In analysing what has gone wrong, a good place to start is with the people who have made the decisions. And a cursory examination of the world’s leaders reveals two major factors: the average age of the men is what we would consider to be old and there are a great many women.

As this is a virus that targets the elderly, our geriatric leaders who long ago jettisoned any idea of a real belief in God were rightly terrified by the idea that they might actually die and cease to be. When oblivion is the final step in the journey then even a couple of extra years will feel like winning the lottery. Their decisions to impose lockdowns that have destroyed many more lives then they have saved were warmly received by those segments of the populations that had already made their money and were comfortably able to ride out the economic and social storm from the comfort of their Ralph Lauren duvet.

The fact that they were able to do this largely without leaving their homes seems lost on them. After all, if you were old and able to stay home then the scared old farts could have simply isolated themselves while the rest of us went about our business. But Steve and Karen couldn’t possibly risk getting the sniffles from the sushi delivery man. And besides, where’s the fun in being stuck at home while everyone else is out having a good time?

The enormous number of women in decision making positions only exacerbated the entire debacle. In general, risk taking at the best of times is anathema to women. But when you throw in the fact that these professional women who have never had children tend to view the general populations as child substitutes, then the whole attitude of destroy you to protect you begins to make sense. It’s for your own good, you see? Sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

Men hate being nannied: something a wise wife knows. There is another word for this: nagging. And when I see the PR coming out for the virus in NZ, it does motivate me to get the jab. It does the opposite.

What is going to happen is that the blokes will walk away. They generally do when things are no longer important, and politics is no longer important. Like the academic world, it is now the promoters of trivia.

The women and their woke wimps will rage. But they will be ignored. And when (not if) the social welfare system fails, the turning will come, and it will be to tradition. Because the alternative is starvation.

And it may take something that horrible to make people repent.

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7 months ago

There aren’t that many wise women around these days.

7 months ago

I would hate to go to the expense and trouble of a move and then have my new home be a part of the wrong side. So here I am in a place that will definitely be a part of the wrong side. I am, however, stocking up on things I will need if the move suddenly becomes urgent an I am escaping with what I can carry in my truck.

7 months ago

I don’t think we’ll survive as an intact country. We are too deeply divided. What that will look like and how it will go down? I just don’t know.