Antipodean Electronic Antifa

Found this in the Otago Daily Times. It appears that the left are not doxxing in New Zealand. Instead they are snitching. And they boast about it.

A group of “anti-fascist researchers” tipped off police about threats made against two Christchurch mosques after stumbling across an alleged car bomb reference on the 4chan website.
The group is now calling on the Government to address the social causes behind young white men being radicalised into fascism.

On Friday, a 27-year-old man appeared in the Christchurch District Court charged with threatening to kill, after allegedly threatening to bomb two Christchurch mosques on the 4chan website.

He was remanded in custody and granted interim name suppression.

The man was arrested at a St Albans property on Thursday evening, along with a second person who was later released.

But it was an anonymous activist group called Paparoa which was responsible for raising the alarm.

In an anonymous email provided to NZME, a spokesperson for Paparoa said the group is a collective of “anti-fascist researchers”.

They were inspired to form in the wake of the March 2019 Christchurch mosque attacks.

“We came together as we saw that what was lacking in anti-fascism [action] in Aotearoa was a group that focused on researching and monitoring fascists. And [one that] could work with community groups, academics and journalists to expose them.

“Some of our researchers are relatively new, while others have been researching fascism and other forms of hate, like anti-semitism, for decades.”

They say they monitor harmful online threats through “researchers” embedded in local communities and online spaces.

“We focus on online hateful content, as fascists today primarily organise online – unlike previous generations of fascists that organised in-person, like skinhead gangs.”

The spokesperson said terrorist threats tend to increase around the anniversary of the Christchurch mosque attacks.

It really does not help to do this when the government is trying to regulate everything. The government has got its messaging inaccurate at times, and saying they always are truthful is an insult to our intelligence.

A Labour MP has hit out at MPs sharing misinformation and criticism of the Government’s COVID-19 response, saying they’re being “extremely unhelpful”.

Associate Minister of Health Peeni Henare told Newshub Nation on Saturday they should instead be looking to the “one source of truth” – the Government and Ministry of Health – when it comes to communicating with the public about the pandemic.

It comes after National MP Simon O’Connor shared a cartoon on Facebook of a man being controlled like a puppet.

“How I feel right now,” the MP for Tāmaki wrote.

And last weekend Māori Party co-leader Rawiri Waititi told tens of thousands of people they were “being asked” to self-isolate after attending events on Saturday night in Auckland and Hamilton – the Ministry of Health made no such directive, the events taking place before the city went into level 3 restrictions.

“If people have been at those events or others and places of interest, then they should self-isolate,” Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said on Sunday. “All Aucklanders who were at those events should now be at home and in level three.”

People find a way around the modern antifascist censorship. It is now entrenched in the institutions, as Karl du Fresne reports.

It seems I’ve achieved the great distinction of being deleted from Reddit. A friend emailed me recently to advise that my Spectator Australia article – ‘New Zealand is being transformed, but not in a good way’ – had been uploaded to Reddit several days previously, but had then been taken down. A notice explained: “Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators”. This was followed by what appeared to be a standard explanatory note: “Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, including keeping communities safe, civil and true to their purpose”.

Who are these moderators? They’re not identified. Neither did the weasel-word explanatory note say exactly what the problem was with my article. I’m left to conclude that the anonymous moderators deemed it “unsafe” – but in what way?

We should be very suspicious of the word “safety” when used in this type of context. It has become another cover for the Stalinist authoritarianism that infects public discourse and seeks to silence and marginalise dissenters. “Unsafe” used to apply to situations where one’s health or physical wellbeing was at risk. Generations of New Zealanders grew up being told that it wasn’t safe to play with matches or go too close to the water. Then we started hearing the phrase “cultural safety”, especially in the context of health care. An invention of neo-Marxism, it broadened the definition far beyond its traditional and accepted meaning. Ensuring “cultural safety” became a coded synonym for purging the health system of supposed institutionalised racism. Notions of power and identity were central to this approach. Nursing students who pushed back against the doctrine, insisting that the same standard of care should apply to all patients regardless of ethnicity, paid a price for their defiance. Some readers of this blog may recall the celebrated case of Christchurch Polytech nursing student Anna Penn, who was branded as “culturally unsafe” – a term then new to most of us – by the polytech’s kaumatua in 1991 for daring to challenge the denial of her right as a woman to speak on a marae. Penn failed the “culture and society” component of her course and was subsequently described in a vindictive Polytech report as having demonstrated “such flaws of judgment and behaviour that she would not now be welcome back as a nursing student”. (She later graduated in Brisbane.) Soviet-style suppression of dissent was emerging even then, and today is nowhere more rampant than in the health sector, where the New Zealand Nurses’ Organisation – to take just one example – has been convulsed by bullying race politics.

This is Michael Basset, Labour minister for (among other things) Maori affairs, a proponent of treaty settlements, who is an old school , deemed insufficiently woke by the current progressive newsroom.

About a month ago I noted in a blog post called “New Zealand’s Modern Cultural Cringe” that there is a strange new urgency to race relations in this country. The editor of the Northland Age, a privately-owned newspaper until 2009 when it was bought by NZME, owners of the New Zealand Herald, asked me if he could publish my article in his paper. Having known and respected his journalism for twenty years, I agreed without hesitation. It never occurred to me that by a backdoor the column would thus appear on the Herald’s website. A not very literate fellow claiming to be a “Communications Specialist” lodged a complaint with the Herald dated 4 March demanding that my column be removed from the website or he would complain to the Press Council. Three minutes after receiving it, Shayne Currie, Editor of the Herald, sent a note to his fellow editors Murray Kirkness and Rachel Ward, asking them to “review this urgently”. An hour later my column was off the Herald’s website. An apology to readers was in its place. As yet, no contact with me. In fact, I was only just discovering that it had ever been in the Herald’s hands!

At 12.30pm that day Rachel Ward sent me a terse note telling me that my column “didn’t meet NZME’s standards, shouldn’t have been published”, and had been removed. She added: “I also wanted to let you know that NZME won’t be publishing any more of your columns”. Since it was many years since anything of mine had appeared in the Herald, I wasn’t worried. My columns, for which I won the Qantas Media award for New Zealand’s Best Political Columnist in 2003, had always been in the Fairfax papers.

I suggested in reply that if my column was now down, the paper should also remove the personal attack on me by someone that was still on the website. Allison Whitney, the Herald’s in-house lawyer replied to the effect that she’d remove an observation in the letter accusing me of being a “white supremacist”, but the rest of the criticism would remain because it was “honest opinion based on fact”. She didn’t, and I suspect couldn’t, explain which fact or facts. Nor did it occur to Whitney that her website now carried an attack on me for reasons that no reader would be able to work out since my column had been removed.

In one sense the whole business has been a storm in a teacup. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways for people to access my articles and those of my colleagues, Don Brash and Rodney Hide. Interestingly, in the last couple of days there’s been a surge of new readers on the Bassett,Brash&Hide website.

Paparoa, like most NZ antifascists, ain’t that courageous. They have the entire legal, medical, educational and political system aligned with them.

In this time of deceit, any who tell the truth are to be deplatformed, and Basset and Du Frense are but the beginning.