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There is a perception out there that reality does not exist. I disagree. It does. It does. Reality includes at present shortages: of materials, of skilled tradesmen, of accommodation (which is why rents and house prices where I live are so high). There is a shortage of students in the mind of the people who plan school and college budgets. There is a shortage of events, and a shortage of people who will go to those events. I’m not the only person who is now bored by professional sports.

Professional players earned 36% of revenue generated from the game – “but there would not be a company in the world which had a set-up like that”.

Kirton said the players and administrators in the professional era had stolen the game from the community. Now was the time , with the isolation caused by Covid-19, to make big changes to get it back.

In the 1995 World Cup team he helped pick, more than three-quarters of the team could be linked back to a second or third division union. Now players went to an academy straight out of school and into a professional team.

The current rate of contact is shortening the careers of current professional rugby players. A fair number are having to retire because of concussions. I expect this will not end well: outside of NZ there is not a no fault insurance scheme for injuries.

In other news Evanjellyfish have gone ghey, and this is going to cause divisions.

The United Methodist Church is Toast due to this.

The original plan was to throw all the homos and SJWs out. but the prevailing wisdom right now is that the name United Methodist is to tarnished to be salvaged. better to let them wallow in the mess they made. we built the organization. we can build a new one.

Nate, Vox Popoli

Now onto topics.

The Academic Monoculture

Most academics have leant left for a considerable time, and the current quasimarxist (marketed as postmodernism) methodologies used by academics have two purposes: to form an academic monoculture and to ensure that no one has the skills to be a scholar. On the first issue, in the USA they have succeeded.

Research from the Center for the Study of Partnership and Ideology released Monday shows that conservative professors and graduate students are “guaranteed” to face discrimination in academia. University of London politics professor Eric Kaufmann conducted the study, which he says is the first to focus on how academic authoritarianism threatens conservatives on campus.

Kaufmann analyzed eight surveys of graduate-level professors and doctoral students, the majority of whom said they would not oppose discriminating against their right-leaning peers in some form. Ten percent of academics support outright cancelling or firing conservative professors who express their views.

The study adds a new dimension to recent stories of harassment and intimidation of conservative voices in academia. Conservatives have long been a minority in American universities, but only recently has so-called cancel culture led to a rise in what Kaufmann calls the “chilling” effect of self-censorship.

“The discriminatory impact is huge,” Kaufmann told the Washington Free Beacon.

Even without “punishment mechanisms,” widespread opposition to conservative views leads to “powerful conformist pressures that make people keep their mouths shut.”

Those pressures are clearly effective. Seventy percent of conservative academics reported that their department created a hostile environment for conservative ideas, according to the study.

On the second issue… New Zealand children are now without the ability to access the literature of previous generations.

With lowered standards, many children are not even meeting them.

NZQA’s CE Grant Clinkum was answering questions in this morning’s Annual Review of NZQA before the Education select committee.

In a normal year around 50 per cent of year 13 students achieve University Entrance. Mr Clinkum told the committee this morning, without the additional learning credits that pass rate would have fallen 8 points, to around 42 per cent. He described it as ‘falling off a cliff’.

Overall, provisional NCEA pass rates were a little higher in 2020 than in 2019, but this was largely due to extra credits being handed out to students to reflect the pressure of Covid-19.

Paul Goldsmith, National Party Education Spokesman

It’s the Sun, not Carbon Dioxide

There is a current shibboleth about carbon dioxide levels being too high. I would argue that if the sun follows its usual cycle, we need all the CO2 and greenhouse effect that we can get. Because it is going to get cooler.

Scientists that study the sun are well aware of these periodic cycles both on the 11 year scale and on the larger scale of 70–100 years, known as the Gleissberg cycle. We have just finished a solar maximum cycle of around 70 years and are now heading into a both a new 11 year cycle and a new grand solar minimum cycle that will reach its lowest (coldest) point some time between 2030 and 2040. You don’t need to take my word for it – this has been confirmed by NASA and by the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA). NOAA predictions of sunspot and radio flux appears to show a ‘full-blown’ grand solar minimum (GSM) which will last from the late-2020s to at least the 2040s.

This means that the coming solar minimum is going to be not only a grand solar minimum, but perhaps the worst one since the Maunder Minimum in the 1600s. One would expert this to have been front-page news, but outside of the scientific community this information is virtually unheard of and little understood. One must ask – why is this the case? The simple answer to this question is that the solar predictions destroy the current scientific and cultural narrative of ‘Climate Change’ in the form of warming.

There will indeed be climate change in the coming decades, but for the next 10 to 40 years it is going to get colder, not warmer! The same thing will happen on the 7 other planets in this solar system, because the main factor affecting planetary temperatures is the activity of the Sun. Given that so much time, effort and money has been invested in ‘global warming’ as a premise for change in how human society is run, it is very much an “inconvenient truth” that is beginning to arrive just at the time when we are beginning to take more affirmative action on environmental issues.

The controversial news that the Earth (and all 7 other planets) will cool down in the next 10-40 years is politically highly inconvenient and that is why it is being kept quiet. Getting rid of fossil fuels, caring for our environment, lowering industrial output, ending industrial farming and reducing livestock, plus a gradual reduction in the human population are all excellent goals. Unfortunately the rationale for doing this, that has been sold to the public, is most likely entirely misguided. The net effect of this false premise may well be that environmentalists and main-stream public scientists will look like fools by the end of this decade. The cooling of planet Earth may well be seen as justification to abandon environmental concerns and reform of our economic systems, which would be a terrible tragedy.

In order to avoid this highly likely total embarrassment, world governments and the scientific community need to admit that the coming dip in solar energy output is going to lead to the cooling of our planet for at least 2 decades, possibly 4 or 5 or even 7 decades! This is not conspiracy, this is not mis-information or propaganda – this is proven, verifiable fact which can be validated by current solar observation, previous observation of sun cycles for 400 years and ice-core samples stretching back millions of years.

As someone who has been involved in the environmental movement since I was 16, when I joined a conservation group at college, I am very concerned about how this plays out. If the public feels that they have been lied to it may lead to a backlash and a disinterest in environmental issues. The reasons I outlined at the beginning of this article are more than sufficient for humanity to change its modus operandi.

I’ve despised environmentalists since I was around 16. My suggestions is to get that deisel car, have LPG heating and wood fires and increase your carbon footprint. Because electricity lines are vulnerable to the cold, and the cold kills. 

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10 months ago

The push to reduce CO2 ignores science – the forcing function of CO2 diminishes with higher concentration and it effectively peters out about 350 ppm; beyond that level, it doesn’t matter what the level is, there will be no further affect on the atmosphere.

With increasing uncertainty, you NEED to have a backup source for heat, water, and cooking – the most feasible and reliable means to do this is through fossil fuels. I’m partial to wood for heat and cooking since I can collect it myself with only hand tools if needed – no other source is so at hand and hard to disrupt access to. There are a few people who live in non-wooded areas who will need to look at different options.

10 months ago

Surprised it took this long for conservatives to leave the UMC. Also amused by bishop’s statement about “fragmenting of the body”. Wonder how she feels about surgery to remove cancerous tumors?

My two biggest concerns about my house have always been “too small garage” and “lack of fireplace”. I am slowly becoming more concerned about the latter and less about the former, since the former is just a matter of convenience for doing projects.

Will S.
10 months ago

Hey weka. Hope you and yours are keeping well! I and mine are planning for a WuFlu wedding this year; woo-hoo! 🙂

Thanks for the linkage. 🙂