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It is not Monday, it is Tuesday, but Tuesday to me always feels worse than Monday. On Monday I have time alone, and I can set my own pace. Tuesday is driven by others, and today was simply a grind with breaks snatched between things. This meant that I’m looking at poetry late, and in the meantime the government bought in a capital gains tax by stealth and are ramming it through parliament under urgency. My mother has just divested herself of investment properties she inherited from her parents, and I am praising God she dodged a bullet.

Ardern ruled out a CGT in perpetuity under her leadership in an attempt to snooker National. National’s best attack line at the time was its tax attack, drumming up fear about all the new taxes Labour was going to throw at you.
She made the promise when she was spearheading a Government with three heads – Labour, NZ First and the Greens. Winston Peters was never going to let a CGT slip through, but instead of saying she wouldn’t implement one this term, Ardern went all in and ruled it out forever. She then went on to say she’d resign before she’d introduced a CGT.
For a minute there, it was smart politics – Ardern whisked the beating stick from National, rendering its tax attack feeble and futile. But as time wore on and as Ardern’s popularity skyrocketed, ruling out a policy which is fundamental Labour Party stuff looked just plain stupid. It was a key sea-change moment in Ardern’s leadership and spoke to her priorities. She chose popularity over party, politics over ideology, power over her people.
Then of course the housing crisis worsened. Labour was delivered the most emphatic of mandates at the election. And the housing crisis worsened some more.
But Labour knew all this going into the election, it knew an extension of the bright-line test was its workaround to Ardern’s stupid promise, but it chose not to engage publicly on the issue in case it lost votes.
The housing crisis was in full swing before the election but during the campaign Labour would barely comment on plans to extend the bright-line test, in fact Finance Minister Grant Robertson even ruled it out. No new taxes was the promise. That’s quite a big one to break. Not taking the extension of the bright-line test to the public, to the campaign, was spineless in the extreme.
Labour could have sought the mandate for this CGT in disguise at the election and almost certainly would have got it. Instead it chose to not be upfront with voters during a campaign, break a massive promise, and introduce a new tax by stealth.

The other thing that has happened is that the interest you have on loans — on rental properties — is no longer tax deductable. In every other business the cost of money is a deductable expense. Here David Farrar needed some redaction to make the quote family friendly, and he is a member of the National progressive elite.

Any journalist who calls it a loophole should be ashamed.
Claiming business costs vs business income is a fundamental part of the tax code. What the Government is doing is not closing a loophole. They are making an exception to a normal tax rule.
And what will be the impact of landlords not able to claim mortgage costs against their rental income? Well they’ll need more income, so will increase rents. Rents go up, and homelessness increases. So their policy is to make more people homeless and make it more expensive to rent, in return for more revenue for the Crown.

The anger in the non state press is palpable. This is going to end very badly: I expect property prices to not increase, and when landlords sell out — because they budgeted the tax break into their business plan — the housing sector will get an overdue correction. There will be equality in poverty, and Ardern, whose aim was to eliminate child poverty, will have made it universal.

Yesterday I was calm, and noting other things. Today I’m furious.

I’m usually not a conspiracy theorist but Occam’s razor.

Nikolai Vladivostok says out loud what most of us are thinking but are afraid to say. The COVID was designed, and Fauci was up to his neck in it.

Long story short: the lab messing with these exact kind of viruses was right there in Wuhan. The bats were far away and were not for sale in the market. Plus, a third, intermediate animal species was probably required between humans and bats for a natural crossover. This makes the lab-leak theory the simplest.
If the theory is correct, then a pandemic prevention body funded by Western governments was in part responsible for the pandemic by irresponsibly supporting the Wuhan lab, and its president was then appointed by the WHO to determine the cause of the pandemic. To everybody’s surprise, he determined that the lab he’d funded was not to blame and therefore neither was he.
Allegedly. Don’t come for me.

I’m officially agnostic on this one, but I’m more firm on this: the lockdown did more damage than the virus. The City Journal has this article which notes that the authorities were warned, and as good progressives do, threw the working class under the bus.

Now that the 2020 figures have been properly tallied, there’s still no convincing evidence that strict lockdowns reduced the death toll from Covid-19. But one effect is clear: more deaths from other causes, especially among the young and middle-aged, minorities, and the less affluent.
The best gauge of the pandemic’s impact is what statisticians call “excess mortality,” which compares the overall number of deaths with the total in previous years. That measure rose among older Americans because of Covid-19, but it rose at an even sharper rate among people aged 15 to 54, and most of those excess deaths were not attributed to the virus.
Some of those deaths could be undetected Covid-19 cases, and some could be unrelated to the pandemic or the lockdowns. But preliminary reports point to some obvious lockdown-related factors. There was a sharp decline in visits to emergency rooms and an increase in fatal heart attacks due to failure to receive prompt treatment. Many fewer people were screened for cancer. Social isolation contributed to excess deaths from dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Researchers predicted that the social and economic upheaval would lead to tens of thousands of “deaths of despair” from drug overdoses, alcoholism, and suicide. As unemployment surged and mental-health and substance-abuse treatment programs were interrupted, the reported levels of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts increased dramatically, as did alcohol sales and fatal drug overdoses. The number of people killed last year in motor-vehicle accidents in the United States rose to the highest level in more than a decade, even though Americans did significantly less driving than in 2019. It was the steepest annual increase in the fatality rate per mile traveled in nearly a century, apparently due to more substance abuse and more high-speed driving on empty roads.
The number of excess deaths not involving Covid-19 has been especially high in U.S. counties with more low-income households and minority residents, who were disproportionately affected by lockdowns. Nearly 40 percent of workers in low-income households lost their jobs during the spring, triple the rate in high-income households. Minority-owned small businesses suffered more, too. During the spring, when it was estimated that 22 percent of all small businesses closed, 32 percent of Hispanic owners and 41 percent of black owners shut down. Martin Kulldorff, a professor at Harvard Medical School, summarized the impact: “Lockdowns have protected the laptop class of young low-risk journalists, scientists, teachers, politicians and lawyers, while throwing children, the working class and high-risk older people under the bus.”

That is not a conspiracy theory. That is a series of nasty facts, that are being hidden, by the press. One wonders why.

The Virtue signallers 5 minutes of hate, again.

Nikolai wisely ducks the issues around women feeling they were exploited as they dealt with corrupt people who would use them. As if politicians would not.

But Adam Piggott did not avoid this, and most of us are glad he did. Sort of. The damage these women will do to each other in this hysteria, this warlock hunt, is greater than any crime.

Whew, what a load of enthralling and soul enriching reading that lot must be. The reason for this sudden outpouring of female angst and literally shaking rage is that some young woman who worked hard to get ahead in the corridors of power in the Australian parliament accused one of her former colleagues of raping her. No charges have been laid by police, but to the womensz the quaint notions of Western law and jurisprudence that stipulate that someone is innocent until proven guilty mean absolutely nothing at all when their very powerful collective feelings are at stake.
Thus we were witness to marches of the womensz and their hanger-on male feminists, who dressed in black and screamed at the sky as they demanded … well, nobody really understands what they are demanding but it is something along the lines of all men are bastards and they must be made to pay. Mix all of this in with the Covid hysteria and the cauldron of emotional outrage is going off the charts.
And we should encourage even more of this hysterical behavior. Let us goad the womensz on to even greater heights of misandrist loathing. What else can the wall-impacted harridans come up with? Roll up, roll up, and watch the circus freaks attempt to outdo each other in the battle of who can throw down the biggest gauntlet to the evil and horrible men.
Women have no in-built off switch. It has always been up to us men to keep them in line. What we are witnessing is the beginning of women starting to consume themselves with their irrational hatred. The best thing that we can do is to step back and let them conflagrate to the point where men turn around and don’t put up with it any longer. The only way that we are going to get the womensz under control, the only way that we are going to get the feminist genie back in the bottle, is to let them take it all the way to its inevitable end, at which point us men will issue the biggest collective smack-down in history.

Australians are descended, as Clive James noted, more from jailers than from convicts. They have a tendency to micromanage without the inherent anarchy that Kiwis celebrate. Admittedly, that drives the woke in NZ nuts, which is why it should be encouraged. One of the blunter legal bloggers, looking at a cuckservative whining about his anxiety lets rip about him ignoring the chaos he caused when he was leader and the people he ratted on to get the leadership, and then has this gem to add.

We really don’t need anymore “awareness” of mental health issues.Everyone in the world is well aware of mental illness, depression and anxiety. Celebrities local and international are lining up to jump on the train.
So stop the illusion as a “prominent person” when you go public with your own “battles” that it’s anything other than all about yourself. There is now a state funded industry in framing everything as a mental health issue, wrapping your own branding in with it and bludging taxpayer funds to “promote” something that everyone is already well aware of.
Last week in one of the most absurd things I have heard, part of the Queenstown tourism recovery package included mental health seminars. These poor people don’t need yet another bloody talkfest seminar telling them they should remain positive, happy and have a “different mindset” to conquer newly found poverty and oblivion, they just needed the Australian bubble open!

Politicians lie, steal, cheat, betray and then boast about it. Most of them are shunned by car salesmen and the local sex workers for good reason. They have the morals of pond scum. To pretend anything else is to depart the path of wisdom.

If you work in Parliament, bring a mace or whatever self defense method is legal. If you work around parliament or interact with such, get a dog. You will need one reliable friend.

Odd stuff.

Via anonymous conservative, someone has gone all the way down the conspiracy elite rabbit hole so you don’t have to. As Nikolai said above: allegedly. Don’t come back at me.

Grammerly, screenshot and on Gab.

Stacey McCain gets the backstory on last week’s mass shooting just in time for this weeks one. Biden or his handlers are either deliberately planning the destruction of the USA or they are even more inept that the average person with Alzheimers.

Sorry, no poetry today. I have to be calmer for that, and my ability to find memes is similarly impaired.

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10 months ago

Wrath. Yep.
They did notice that minority/poor communities were getting hit. So one of the most confusing measures of our “tier” system in CA was the equity portion. I’m not sure how the math works exactly, but they decided that if a “disadvantaged region” in your county had higher COVID numbers than the rest of the county, even though the county could move out of whatever tier by the numbers as a whole, it was a no-go.

I have no earthly idea how that helps anyone, even by the definition of “help” put forth by our governor.