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Among the based, the big news is that Milo has chosen to go celibate, and (being the wit he is) as come out as “ex gay”. Vox Day, who has stood by Milo through all of this, notes:

No doubt there will be no shortage of doubters, of those who will believe this is merely Milo, having run out of conventional outrages to commit in an openly wicked society, is now finding a new way to break the outrage barrier. But I have less doubt in the sincerity of Milo’s belief in, and fear of, God than I do in the average well-behaved churchgoing Christian man’s.

Milo is a man of spectacular gifts and equally spectacular flaws. But he is also a man of unusual courage. And if you doubt his sincerity, then I suggest that you pray for him to find it.

Milo himself commented on the challenges of this. As with Roosh, it is driven more my faith and relies on Christ, not him.

Secular attempts at recovery from sin are either temporary or completely ineffective. Salvation can only be achieved through devotion to Christ and the works of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. St. Joseph is the spiritual father figure of the Holy Family. In this time of gender madness, devoting myself to the male protector of the infant Jesus is an act of faith in God’s Holy Patriarch, and a rejection of the Terror of transsexuals. Trannies are demonic: They are the Galli, the castrated priests of Cybele, the Magna mater, whom Augustine saw dancing in the streets of Carthage dressed like women.

Still Milo. Blunt, and erudite. Let us all pray for the courage to live against this age.

The lead situation continues

One of the problems we face as we move into the second century of European settlement — the treaty was signed in 1840, and the Otago settlement happened soon after that, but there was a settlement in the Bay of Islands from at least 1810 and a Mission settlement from 1814 — is that old things wear out and they need to be replaced. There need to be

The culprit behind at least some of an Otago community’s lead-contaminated water issues has been revealed.
The Dunedin City Council is still investigating possible causes for high lead levels in the water supply for Waikouaiti, Karitane and Hawksbury Village, but it believes three of the six intermittent elevated lead levels can likely be attributed to old, cast-iron pipes with lead fittings in the vicinity of Edinburgh St, Waikouaiti. But using the piped water supply could be months away.

The announcement was made as hundreds of people packed into the East Otago Events Centre on a rainy Otago night to get an update on the issue. Intermittent spikes in the level of lead, the highest almost 40 times the acceptable level, meant a no-drink notice was issued on February 2.

It remained in effect and could be in force for months. Since then, several investigations and reviews have been launched and widespread blood testing carried out.

Medical officer of health Dr Susan Jack last night said nobody had a blood lead level that required hospitalisation, and very few exceeded the threshold.

Radio NZ puts a spin on this. That it is unlikely there will long term effects. Not sure how that will turn out, but we banned lead from paint years ago because the stuff accumulates.

The ticket h as an expiry date

Bob Jones is an octogenarian cynic, too liberal, but like most people who think they are liberal he’s being deplatformed. But he’s see the patterns of the press. They raise politicians to be heroes and then pull them down.

We are witnessing it now with Jacinda, who, as with Muldoon, Lange and Key before her, and to a lesser extent, also Helen Clark, the hero to zero treatment must come as a hell of a shock.

Most understandably take it badly although none more than Lange who developed an intense loathing of journalists.

We are now witnessing with the Jacinda attacks, an apparent sudden awareness of what this Blog has carried on about for the last three months.

Specifically, the Government has lied and bluffed about our first in the vaccine queue status which assertion was plainly dishonest.

So too with the embarrassing Jacinda face-grimacing mush about kindness and the team of five million. The recent nation-wide lockdown was also totally unnecessary and caused anger.

But up until a few days ago the media viewed all of this uncritically. Now abruptly its apparently appalling.

Why do they act this way?

My pop psychologist view has always been the same.

As a general proposition the Press Gallery personnel are reasonably bright people. Conversely, many politicians aint too smart.

By the time the journoes reach say their late thirties, they’ve woken to the fact that what seemed a glamorous career back in their teens, is anything but. Poorly paid they find themselves mere reporters of other lesser mortals who are now prominent decision makers.

The result is envy and thus the blood-lust to pull down the politicians they’d created a mythology of wonderfulness about.

About bloody time. We have had two years of propaganda, and it’s getting nauseating, and Jacinda was inadvertently honest on this.

She’s encouraging people to micromanage each other. We were getting some carnivore fast food and Mickey D’s and the person in front of us turned around and said “Social distancing! We are at level One! It took all my discipline not to snarl back “Shut up Karen!”.

Not so Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Desperate to avoid allegations of mismanagement over Auckland’s bungled lockdowns, she began lashing out, claiming individuals have been knowingly spreading the virus – including a young man who’d spent time in Managed Isolation:
“We drum in that messaging around the dangers of Covid pretty diligently for a full two-week period of sustained propaganda.”

As Stuff’s Political Editor Luke Malpass pointed out, with those remarks the Prime Minister has now put on record that “the Government has been propagandising Kiwis”. He says however, no-one should be surprised: “the Ardern Government has been delivering a masterclass in propaganda since the pandemic began” – ultimately delivering Labour a crushing election victory.

In fact it was Radio NZ last March, that revealed the Government had spent tens of millions of dollars building a formidable propaganda machine: “The government contracted 28 individuals or businesses to aid the response to the pandemic, the bulk of which were for advertising, marketing and communications. As at 31 May, the government had paid out $16,393,391 to contractors.

“The majority was to two firms who are listed as communications directors by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Clemenger BBDO was paid $3m for its role, which involved the clear and concise messaging such as ‘stay home, save lives’. But the biggest earner OMD, a multinational advertising firm… was paid $12m for its role in the response.”

Assorted Quotage

Peter Grant on the real limits of power.

If local officials seek to enforce a progressive left-wing edict, they’ll have to be resisted by locals who refuse to allow tyranny to rule over them. Based on my experience in the Third World, I have little doubt that’ll turn physical in short order. When officials know that enforcing an unpopular law or dictatorial edict might get them shot or burned out of their homes, they’ll be a lot more circumspect in doing so. No matter how much I hate it, that’s the reality of the matter. I’ve seen it in several countries so far, and I see no reason why it won’t come to our shores before long.

And why we should mistrust the progressive elite who rule most of the West. They hate Christ. The Eastern Europeans have seen the end game of such, which is why they won’t elect any ruler who is not a faithful son of the church.

Progressivism is idolatry, and that never ends well.

Progressive Leftism is a religion, with all the attendant characteristics: Dogma, the treatment of heathens, heretics, and apostates, indulgences, all of it. Government is God, legislators are the angels (remember, Satan and his demons were once angels), the “news” media are the clergy, and we proles are the laypeople, the heathens, the apostates and the heretics. And they will drag us, kicking and screaming if necessary, into their promised Utopia.

The left have no mercy, and do not understand that justice is too glorious for their evil. Pray for their repentance, but plan accordingly.

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Grumpy Old Fart
Grumpy Old Fart
7 months ago

“And they will drag us, kicking and screaming if necessary, into their promised Utopia.”

Hey, those cattle cars aren’t going to load themselves.

7 months ago

I would say to Peter ‘Come BACK to our shores’ since violence against oppression has a history in the US, just not a recent one…
This week I was visiting a rural new to me. There was a wider than usual ignoring of COVID restrictions, and laughs about that state’s recent gun sales restrictions… I have noticed that those proposing new and tighter national (or even state wide) restrictions are universally from urban areas and ignore the difficulty, if not outright impossibility, of enforcing those rules widely…

7 months ago

hundreds of people packed into” – apparently Covid doesn’t prevent you from going to a meeting to get an announcement that you could have gotten through email?

” the Press Gallery personnel are reasonably bright people” – for certain definitions of “reasonably” and “bright”