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This morning while I’m setting up the laptop with a big screen (desktop machine has died, which will be a very long post as some time) Kea calls me out. There are wild parrots, green and yellow ones, flying among the trees in the reserve we overlook. Parrots really should not live down here, apart from Keas, which are mountain parrots and birds that I think are quite beautiful, and these were not parrots.

You have to find the beauty when you can. And you cannot turn from this time. Sarah Hoyt, after reviewing Rango.

Anyway, this morning I was talking to my husband while we stumbled through the morning routine, both of us still technically asleep and literally walking into walls and I told him I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the movie, and thank you for actually having it on, because I needed that, even though I didn’t know it.
He said, “I needed the ending, when he realizes he has to go back and fight, because “the hero can’t walk off on his own story.””
I think a lot of us need to hear that right now.
You can’t walk off on your own story.
You might feel impotent — I know I do — and you might feel like you’re not the hero, and you’re waiting for the hero.
But each of us is the hero of his own story. And we can’t walk out. We can quit, and turn our story into one of those Frenchmen love, with despair and nihilism as the message. Or our form of heroism might be the little caryatid where we know the cause is doomed, but we go out fighting (and if that’s it, try for the defiant song to the end, please.) Or we might think the end is foretold and we’re already doomed, but still fight. And fight the best we can and as big as we can. And sometimes, sometimes, a miracle occurs and we win anyway. Now that’s rare enough that it becomes the stuff of legends… and westerns. But you know, the chance is worth it.
Anyway, we might be impotent, or frankly ridiculous int he hero role. Or we might be temperamentally suited to play the villain, and bit and curse, but….
Each of us is the hero in our story, and a lot of us are puzzled at being on the side of light.

I like Rango. I’ve got a soft spot for lizards and animation. You have to deal with the times that we have. The good news is that there is now pushback.

The idea that there is collective responsibility by race, or sex, or other woke classifications without redemption is now being seen as boviously evil. The worm is turning. Kea notes that the photos of our leaders are no longer lit to make them look healthy and young. They are no longer flattering. Cults of personality, cults of wokeness, are always toxic, and always turn.

Parents of male students at a school in Victoria’s southwest are outraged after their sons were forced to stand up at an assembly and apologise to their female classmates.
Male students at Brauer College in Warrnambool were purportedly told to apologise to the girls for offensive behaviour on behalf of their gender on Wednesday.
Danielle Shephard told 7NEWS that her 12-year-old son, who is in Year 7 at the school, was left feeling confused following the exercise.
“He said that he was made to stand up and basically apologise… it wasn’t explained properly to the male students what they were doing or why they were doing it,” she said, as seen in the video above.
The state government on Sunday made consent education mandatory for students in state schools over concerns the issue wasn’t always being addressed head-on.

It is worth noting that this is Victoria, where euthanasia is legal, the lockdowns went full fascist, and there have been multiple sex scandals within Parliament. But they are innocent. 12 year old kids, in their view, must suffer instead.

Not to say that the woke don’t lawfare.

They do. They do. ANd they do it despite the fact that it will harm the poor. The roading situation in Auckland is dire. Public transport does not go where the people live or work. So the city is (finally) organizing a north to south ring road. This has long been needed. But the green lawyers and their socialist minions want to decarbonize the country. We do not have enough electricity generation for this to happen without Nuclear Power, because the same bunch of wokeists would oppose dams in the few places remaining where we could put them.

Auckland councillor Chirs Darby says a legal challenge against the $1.4 billion Mill Rd project by climate change advocates All Aboard Aotearoa is a sign of what’s to come.
The group applied for a judicial review of the Waka Kotahi NZTA led project in the Wellington High Court on Thursday.
The 21.5km proposed Mill Rd arterial route, which would provide an alternative road between Manukau and Drury, would run parallel to and to the east of State Highway 1. Construction was expected to start next year and be completed by 2028.
All Aboard Aotearoa is a coalition made up of Generation Zero, Lawyers for Climate Action, Bike Auckland, Women in Urbanism, Movement and Greenpeace and its stated goal is to decarbonise the country’s transport by 2030.

This is going to end badly. The productive as starting to walk away.

It’s currently being described as “outstate vs metro”, “country vs city” and “rural vs urban”, but that’s all just a euphemistic way of describing the obvious. Jews didn’t want to be ruled by Romans. Africans and Indians didn’t want to be ruled by the British. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Americans and other whites of European descent aren’t exactly enthusiastic about being ruled by the POX.

Watch this space. The rural/urban divide is very real, and not only in the USA. Rural Canada resents being ruled by Toronto and Ottawa, and Kiwis generally resent being ruled by Aucklanders — something this recovered Aucklander is very aware of. In times of economic stress, smaller units — counties — do better than nations or countries, and countries do better than empires.

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8 months ago

I’m surprised that no one in Western Canada is discussing secession the way that Quebec did in the 1990’s.

Here in the US, the divide is mostly seen as urban vs. rural, but it is really about producers vs users – they who produce and those who live, directly or indirectly, off the government and hence off of other people.