How to piss off the goyim.

Firstly, decide that you can revise their holy texts. I’m Christian, and I agree with Didact: the Koran is incoherent and can be safely ignored. But Jesus called the Pharisees, from who Talmudic Judiasm takes its heritage, whitewashed tombs. He decided to smash the regulated traders in coins and animals in the temple. And the Pharisees engineered a riot to force a Roman Governer to crucify him.

Paul, a Pharisee, after his conversion prayed that he would lose salvation if the Jews would be saved. But that was not the case. He called the unrepentant Jews members of a synagogue of Satan, which is pretty much how I think of the woke Presbyterian Assembly of Aotearoa New Zealand. Hat tip, Nikolai Vladivostok.

Christian and Islamic scripture, including the New Testament of the Bible, should start carrying warnings for passages deemed “anti-semitic,” a coalition of Jewish groups has asked.

The European Jewish Congress, which represents several Jewish groups, asked for such changes in its Catalogue of Policies to Combat Antisemitism, released last week.

“Holy Writ such as the New Testament or the Qur’an, as well as the writings of authoritative religious authors, doctrinal texts and religious laws need to be scrutinized for antisemitic contents,” the document states.

“In Christianity, such texts would include the writings of saints like Ambrose of Milan or reformers like Martin Luther, the dogmatic tradition, church law and teaching. In Islam, such texts would include different parts of Hadith and Sira. Only when the antisemitic contents in the religious memories of Christianity and Islam are properly identified, will it be possible to combat antisemitism inside the various denominations, groups, and organizations of these two religions.”

Later on in the recommendations section, the groups ask: “Translations of the New Testament, the Qur’an and other Christian or Muslim literatures need marginal glosses, and introductions that emphasize continuity with Jewish heritage of both Christianity and Islam and warn readers about antisemitic passages in them.”

“While some efforts have been made in this direction in the case of Christianity, these efforts need to be extended and made consistent in both religions,” they add.

Just don’t. Demographics is destiny, and the only nation where Jews are a majority is Israel.

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10 months ago

What keeps men from all becoming homosexuals is that most of us find the mere thought of gay sex revolting. Likewise we do not all convert to Judaism because there’s something about Jews that rubs us the wrong way. Q: Is Judaism as hair-splittingly legalistic as it was in Jesus’ time? A: See the wire around Manhattan.