March Statistics.

Today is April Fools day, when the government has increased the minimum wage to 20 dollars an hour and hit those earning over $180K a year with a new rate of 39 cents in the dollar.

Regardless, statcounter says traffic is up slightly this month. I had 1.3 K visits and 3.3 K page views. Matomo also noted 1.3K visits and 3.9 K page views.

The popular pages this month were.

How to piss off the goyim.

More food for thought

The coming storm.

Around the traps

5 May 2021

Weka’s Mailbox

The fourth turning will not be progressive redux.

The Dietitian’s Dilemma.

6 March 2021

The antifragile failed deplatforming.

What’s going on

Sunday 21 March 21

10 March 21: The Building and the Destruction.