Minor shuffles.

Not much is happening this week. Son two has gone through my list of parts for computers and has told me that I need to be more precise on what I want. He recommends mini ATX boards and a Lian -Li case. I’m still grumpy that building this is happening a couple of years before Risc-V is really working, but I do need a baseline work machine.

The son is a good gamer, and has built multiple computers. Meeting with a local bloke who builds things tomorrow, because the limiting factor in my mind remains availability of parts.

On the blog two new links. The first is synlogos, which aggregates a pile of Christian sites that I don’t usually cover. Some of which I should quote more.

The second is due to big gay koran burning (Steve), who has been banned from the Ilk because of his monomania. Got to love your autists. Asked who I was. Referred him here. So I’ve added my link to Gab. Most of the time I’m there I’m looking not at my feed but at the Orthodox and Reformed groups.