Monday administration.

Adam has been revising his website, and his comments are, as usual, on point. The Manosphere is a thing that has past its time. Instead the really interesting things are happening among the faithful, and the dissident nationalists.

Semi-coherent readers will notice that I have updated my blogroll. Gone is the manosphere sub-category as the manosphere is more or less dead. I have removed links to blogs that are no longer updating or have been retired. I have removed the link to the Z Man because I finally came to the conclusion that the guy has to be a psy-op plant from the IDF. One of the many false directives that the other side has planted in our front garden, along the lines of good old meth Jordy but not as obvious.
Rollo is gone because he is all video now and I don’t waste my time watching videos or listening to podcasts unless they are really well structured. I have added the Synlogos feed which is a good spot to see what others are up to. There may be further additions or prunings in the next days.

This morning our computer bloke phoned up to discuss motherboards. Got Kea, who said stop asking for advice, just build the machine. I did manage to get my old skool Pine 64 back up over the weekend, running ROKOS on a 7 inch screen I got from Ali Express. We have moved the computers into the media room — though the rest of the room is still boxes. However, this meant that everything is out of the kitchen, and we could have people around for a meal together, around the table. It’s amazing how much you miss being able to sit across a table and talk when you are unable to do that because of computer screens being in the way for a month.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had people ask me if I have seen certain professional feeds on Linkedin. I have not. I am not on Linkedin, or Twitter, or Facebook. Yes, Facebook got hacked last week, but Linkedin got trawled.

Remember that Facebook leak? Of course! We just spent a lot of time on it. Not to be outdone, LinkedIn this week confirmed that a trove for sale on hacker forums includes “publicly viewable member profile data that appears to have been scraped from LinkedIn,” in addition to other sources around the web. LinkedIn wasn’t hacked (this time!), but instead was victimized by attackers who figured out how to collect publicly available user info on a massive scale. Even thought it was already online, personal data being aggregated in that way still benefits hackers and phishers, especially, who can use it to build profiles of you for better targeting.

I’m still trying to educate the generation above me that just because the email looks official it may not be. All banks, IRD etc have your details: they don’t need them. Or they ask for you to bring your details in person to them so that their data gathering is transparent.

But the number of Phishes is increasing. Sarah Hoyt has just been taken down after someone took over her cellphone chip and then got into an email account. She had the phone with her: someone got an employee to swtich the number to an emulated chip. This worried her, because a fair number of her correspondents and mates work in the woke corporations. There is a reason to use handles. But the most apropos comment was this.

Seriously folks, I wrote it in caps for a reason. Two Step authentication does NOT protect you. It makes it EASIER for your account to be hacked. Because all they need is your phone and they now have everything. And as making a copy of your simm card doesn’t even require them to touch your phone, they can hijack your entire life, quite easily.
It’s like the ‘three questions’ they want you to create answers to.
The ENTIRE PURPOSE of those questions is to make it EASIER to HACK your account.
I’m a security expert. Know more about it than anyone working for the government, I can guaran friggin T you that.
If you MUST use the three questions: NONSENSE answers only that make no sense (and write ’em down).
And again, never use 2-step. If they force you to do it, find another company and move your business.

I’ve linked to the thread, so go and read it. I would add keep a notebook — at home, locked away, with your nonsense words in it.

Phones are inherently untrustworthy. Assume that everything on your work phone is hackable, and that includes iphones.

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9 months ago

My work has been pushing 2 step and so far I have been able to avoid using it on my phone… As far as I’m concerned, I will use my phone for calls for work, nothing else.
One work site was laughable – they told me I had to register for 2 step, then gave me options of email, phone (text) or an app…. and then asked for your email address or phone number! It was for work, so I used my work email, which can only be accessed from an company computer inside the VPN…

Experts have said for years to not answer security questions accurately since so much information is out there. I don’t use made up answers, but I do use slightly ‘off’ ones. For example, if they ask for your first whatever, use the second, or the most memorable instead.

I also do NOT have my primary investment account or secondary bank account set up for online access.