Tuesday Technical on Wednesday

Today my hardware guy arrived with two sticks of DRAM for the machine and despite being the recommended type for the gigabyte motherboard we are using they did not work when placed into the machine. He left, muttering, about Gigabyte not providing adequate specifications for what is needed. The joys of running an 11th generation intel machine, I guess.

He then sat next to me — once we got the machine reassembled with all the bits inside it working — and watched as I did a cold manjaro XFCE install. Firstly, I partitioned both disks. Then, I used the graphical install and started setting it up the way I like.

  1. Language as UK English.
  2. Location NZ, which brings in NZ english.
  3. Manual partictioonong : /boot/efi, / on one disk and ?home on another
  4. Set repositories to reflect NZ local repos only.
  5. Enable AUR

Then the installing started. At the end I had zoom up and the email downloading.

I prefer xFCE, simply because that is how my brain works. I don;t like gnome, and although KDE/Plasma works I find XFCE easier to use, so thats what’s on.

More to follow.

The new difference is that I’m not installing chromium at all on this machine. I will use Brave and Vivaldi: Google is getting more intrusive.

On other news, the ratings for the new woke Academy awards have crashed. This is not as much technical, but relates to the culture in which we live. There have been articles in places like the NY Times saying that Google is insecure: something that would have been unthinkable two years ago. The progressive tecnical consensus is fraying: the university of michigan’s hacking academics have found themselves frozen out of the kernel because they tried to install malware.

No major changes after last weeks announcement on the blog front. The number of spambots stopped still increases but this place seems to be staying up at the moment. I am considering if I merge photography stuff into this or resurrect that blog: At present I’m considering what could do a good platform for this, particularly as I don’t want to use someone else’s platform.

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Will S.
7 months ago

How does NZ English differ from UK English?

Canadian English is a mix of UK and American, using some Brit and some Yank words, and some Brit spellings and some Yank.

Also contains some French and aboriginal terms.

Presume there are some Maori terms in NZ English?

7 months ago

*University of Minnesota, not Michigan… and with everything happening in Minnesota recently, I’m not surprised at something like this happening; it’s a sign of the local culture.
Did you note the names of the “researchers” and the professor involved? (I had to look for them, so I assume you didn’t).

I agree with the problems the Left is facing; their coalition is an artificial construct that has been showing cracks for a couple of years now; they are starting to attack each other. Tat is mostly a good thing, but as the attacks grow, there will be attempts to turn them towards others… I’m glad I live in the middle of nowhere!