Around the foul rainbow.

Locally, the big news is that the government is removing the health reforms bought in under Helen Clarke, the mentor for our doofus PM, going back to a centralized, socialized, system. The aim is equity. But they will bring in a seperate Maori Health Authority. Let’s say the response to this has been scabrous.

Brook van Velden was one of the ACToids who pushed through the euthanasia act behind the scenes. She likes the idea of centralization, but she’s not been an MP long enough to know what will happen. Which is that the central government will be ignored.

“Amalgamating the DHBs into one organisation is a positive step forward, but all the Government is doing is shifting the issues of 20 DHBs to one organisation. We needed to address the real issues in the system not just shift them around.
“The Government had a huge opportunity today. But none of the changes will lead to reducing waiting lists, improve maintenance of our buildings and assets, or upgrade our ICT systems.
“These are the real issues facing the health system – not the Treaty of Waitangi. A separate Māori Health Authority will only prove to be divisive. ACT believes that diversity should be addressed when we deliver health care.
“We have more than two races in New Zealand. What about the health needs of Chinese and Indian New Zealanders?”

Brooke van Velden, ACT party

Shane Reti is a medico, and his speech against the euthanaisia bill started by him saying that he was the only member of the house that could have duties to kill if this bill is passed. He’s also Maori, but he does not want apartheid. He was local representation, and local governance.

Replacing all District Health Boards across the country will see our regions and smaller communities lose their voice and their autonomy, National’s Health spokesperson Dr Shane Reti says.
“Our regions know what works for them when it comes to keeping their communities healthy, and that isn’t always having Wellington dictate terms.
“Removing DHBs is similar to when Regional Health Authorities were centralised, it didn’t work then and it won’t work now.
“The Government should be looking to maintain regional identities and exploring the consolidation of some functions across DHBs, like asset management, not getting rid of them entirely.
“We have no idea how much this plan will cost, how long it will take to implement, or how disruptive this process is going to be.
“The Labour Government’s track record of delivery is poor, and it’s yet to prove it can implement large projects, such as this one.
“Health New Zealand will likely end up as just another bureaucracy that governments will have to fund, instead of investing the money where it’s needed most.
“National believes whoever has the greatest needs should receive the appropriate resources. We know Māori have the greatest inequity across health, and therefore greater needs across many health metrics.
“But we do not support a separate Māori Health Authority as it runs the risk of a fragmented two-tier system. On one hand Health Minister Andrew Little claims he’s trying to create a single, harmonious, joined-up health system and on the other he’s creating a two-tiered funding system based on race.
“This radical restructure couldn’t have come at a worse time. New Zealand is undergoing three critical mass vaccination programmes, including our Covid-19 vaccine roll out. What the health sector needs right now is certainty and stability.
“The Government needs to own its track record in health. In the past four years every single National Health Target is worse than when National was in Government. Labour has spent money but hasn’t seen the outcomes.
“This is just another example of this Government’s centralise and control ideology. We’ve seen it with the restructure of polytechnics, we’re seeing it with the three waters restructure, and now the Government has set its sights on restructuring our health sector.
“National’s position is clear, in Government we will retain the community and local voice through a DHB framework, and we will repeal a separate Māori Health Authority and work towards a better single integrated health system.”

Shane Reti, National Party

The Labour led coalition is looking more stalinist by the day. But the best comment comes from Mr Slater, who begins by noting that the last Labour government bought in the current system. I would add in part to sheild the minister of health from any administrative cock ups. of which there have been many.

I’m not really sure that the party that has failed to deliver on Kiwibuild, hasn’t laid even a single millimetre of light rail track and has overseen one expensive boondoggle after another can think that somehow they can wave a magic wand, become competent managers overnight and deliver a massive restructure like this without it costing billions more than planned and failing to deliver the planned improvements.
But I can’t wait for the next phone call between Helen Clark and Jacinda Ardern about these reforms:
Secretary to Jacinda: “Prime Minister, it’s Clark on the phone”
PM: “Put him through” [click, click]
PM: “Hi darling, how’s Neve this morning?”
Clark: “Don’t you darling me you stupid little girl”
PM: “Oh shit….”
Labour bit off more than it can chew with Kiwibuild and this is a whole order of magnitude greater. Somehow I can sniff an epic disaster coming out of this.
One thing is for sure, nothing they do will be seen before the next election, and the civil service will drag the whole process into a quagmire which will result in billions being wasted for no discernible benefit.

I’ve lived through two sets of health reforms. This is the third. Bugger. I hate living in times the historians will call interesting.

Bad Whitey

The season of riots seems to have started in the USA. The reason there is a season of riots is that there is no longer any justice there. Stay well away from crowds, and if you are a peace officer, resign and get your family out of the progressive states. (If you are Canadian or a Kiwi just resign. Our progressives make Maxine Waters look sane). And it could be that Chauvin is innocent.

This is how “justice” works in the age of Black Lives Matter. The media whoop up an ambiguous encounter between a white cop and a black criminal to the point that the whole world thinks this is Emmett Till all over again. Half the country goes into paroxysm of rage and violence, while our rotten elites donate billions of dollars to black causes, obediently takes down monuments to white people, and vows to scour everything from math and music theory to our very souls for “white supremacy.”
How could anyone expect a jury to be fair to Derek Chauvin? And what does it say about a country when it has to mobilize thousands of men with rifles to keep the peace in case a duly empaneled jury does not deliver the verdict Philonise wants? The jurors listened to two weeks of testimony. The lynch mob—and the media—saw a few snatches of video, but they knew better. They always know better if knowing better puts the white man in the wrong. This is perversion of justice.
Some people will argue that it’s better for one unlucky cop to do hard time than for justice to be done, if justice means looting and arson. That means accepting perversion of justice. That means recognizing that justice is impossible once the lynch mob begins to howl. And whenever there’s a way to hurt the white man, it will howl.

Peter Grant, whom I am quoting a lot today, worked as a prison chaplian. His comments on the trial are fairly balanced.

I’m not going to comment on Derek Chauvin’s guilt or innocence. I don’t know all the facts of the case, and I’m not qualified or entitled to judge. I can only say that, on the basis of the evidence as presented at the trial and reported in the mainstream news media, I would not have voted to convict him. There was substantial evidence of at least negligence, if not callous unconcern, in his actions; but there was also a reasonable doubt about that evidence. Given that doubt, I could not have voted for a guilty verdict.
I hope the prison authorities in Minnesota will ensure Mr. Chauvin’s safety behind bars. I daresay there are many inmates who will be motivated to try to kill or injure him, secure in the knowledge that they’ll be hailed as heroes by the politically correct establishment if they do. Given the hyper-partisan views of Minnesota’s Attorney-General, they may even think they could get away with such a crime scot-free. It’s an open question whether Mr. Chauvin can be protected in prison, or whether he should be moved to a different state where emotions over the Floyd affair are running less high.
I expect that this first trial will be overturned on appeal, and a mistrial declared. That means we get to do it all over again. I’m not looking forward to the prospect.

While the left celebrate that he could face up to 75 years in prison, we still expect riots.

I don’t quote Will enough, but he is correct here. The left want us in two groups:

The blessed people who shall never, ever be evil — those prisons statitiscs do not denote tragedy after tragedy by systemic racism — and the people of evil, the oppressors. The main factor here seems to be the colour of your skin.
Which does not work all the time, and the way they define their coalitions is… syntetheic.

Since BeeEllEm became big again last year, they and their journo symps started trying to popularize the term ‘BIPOC’, an acronym (not just an abbreviation which many idiots sometimes mislabel as acronyms, but an honest-to-God actual pronounceable acronym forming a word), which stands for ‘Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour’; a classification that appears to be a way of bringing Latinos and East Indians and whoever else has darker skin (Middle Easterners? Australian aborigines?), under one umbrella; as if it made sense somehow to lump them all together. In the U.K., an alternate acronym, BAME, has become popularized – it stands for ‘Black, Asian, and Middle Eastern’ – again, not a natural grouping, one would think.
And in recent times, what with WuFlu and the massage parlour massacre, and the sudden astroturfed #StopAsianHate movement, progs started referring to ‘AAPI’, an abbreviation (never heard it pronounced like an acronym) which stands for ‘Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders’. Why Pacific Islanders are lumped in with Asian Americans, I cannot fathom.
The only thing I can think is these grouping together of different peoples with little obvious connection to each other, apart from being racial and/or ethnic minorities in the West, is to support The Narrative of Bad Whitey, rayciss against all, equally oppressing all others.

I linked to this in the morning, but Peter Grant is worth re reading. The man has been among other things an officer in the South African Army, a Priest and Prison Chaplain. He is in the USA. I’m not.

I think the extremist progressive left has no idea of the immense enmity they’re storing up for themselves in the hearts and souls of normal Americans.They appear to believe that they can have it all their own way: that they can intimidate the populace into letting them get away with (literally) murder, and many lesser crimes. They may even be right, in the “blue cities” dominated by their pet politicians. However, that doesn’t apply to many other localities, both urban and rural. If the urban terrorists currently plaguing Minneapolis and scaring the locals were to try their antics here in northern Texas, I think many of them would be going home in body bags – and it wouldn’t be the police who put them there. It would be local citizens of all races, who’d take one look at their shenanigans and reach for their rifles with a snort of “Not here, you don’t!” (Their language would be a lot more like The Intrepid Reporter’s than mine!) I have friends in the local black community, and believe me, their reactions to BLM, Antifa and the so-called Black Bloc are, shall we say, anything but supportive.

The white terror will be… thorough. The left (reds, primarily elite, will have pissed off those who have to hunt to feed their families. Who will want not as much revenge but that the cities that riot are sowed with salt, so that thesr problems do not refurn for at least five generations. This may splinter the USA. But it will lead to blood. Unless the nation repents, which will require a revival that the current bunch will oppose.

Lord, bring revivial.

Marx is reliably wrong.

Nikolai did the correct thing. He did not read Das Kapital. Life is too short. Instead he read the communist manifesto, and he points out that Marx was wrong, wrong, wrong.

I knew Karl Marx was an unwashed, financially irresponsible, bourgeois twit who knocked up his unpaid servant and refused to acknowledge his son.

But what was communism all about?

My usual policy is to read the Big Books. However, I satisfied myself with summaries of Das Kapital rather than tackle the whole thing. Life is short and it didn’t seem worth my time.
Instead I had a look at the much shorter Communist Manifesto:

Society as a whole is more and more splintering up into two great hostile camps, into two great classes directly facing each other – Bourgeoisie and Proletariat.

Hmm. Things got much more complicated after he wrote that, and are now simplifying again, with the strange caveat that the ‘Left’ now represents the interests and values of the most educated and remunerated while the ‘Right’ increasingly finds its support among laid-off factory workers, rural and regional voters and those with low incomes and education in general.
As has been noted, the main ‘left-wing’ agitation today is among the overproduced elite who fear above all becoming working class. Did Marx see that one coming? Did it in some way apply to himself?

The short answer is yes. Marx lived his life as an intellectual, in the library. He never had skin in the game. He never went home with an aching back. He was a parasite; he praised parasites. He was miserable and envious and his followers are just like him.

The stupid, it hurts.

Linkage to other things of note.

The Canadians have gone full fascist. Being ousside is a crime.

Feminist Christianity is heretical: you can judge a church by the state of thye young women in in

Ardern the doofus is starting to learn that being a doofus with national security has consequences.

And Adam Piggott is under attack, again.

That’s enough.

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Will S.
9 months ago

WordPress may be blocking pingbacks; I didn’t see one for the link here.

I know they block links to rumble…

9 months ago

Don’t forget that all politics is local – state level actions are one thing, county/ city are a very different one, especially in states with 1 or 2 large urban areas that at this point appear dominant – for example, Washington, Oregon, Virginia.
Urban areas are actually very fragile because of their ‘efficiency’ and shared resources (roads, utilities, etc). I have heard discussions from more than one source of how easy it is to shut down a city..

While all seems lost now, there are people starting to fight back – the Liberal media doesn’t report those instances, or deliberately mis-reports them, because they don’t want to seem vulnerable.

Many of those who disagree with the Liberals are going to wait as long as they can, hoping against hope that there is a peaceful solution to the problem before they resort to violence – but when they do, the response will be devastating. I have heard the comparison that it won’t be like Yugoslavia – it will be more like Rwanda.
I hope this never happens and that there is a way to rebalance our country, but as things get worse that hope is harder and harder to hold onto.

Edit/ Note: Having read the article on feminity in church, I have one major comment: Those who are being openly immoral and who are celebrated by media, celebrities, etc for it are in truth a minority – they set the trend of how those celebrating them want all to act. Surveys tend to show that young people are not as immoral or licentious as they are often portrayed. All is NOT as lost as the enemy wants you to think. Remember God talking to Elijah, saying that he had reserved thousands who had not yet bowed to Baal; the same is true today.

Last edited 9 months ago by Jonathan
Gunner Q
9 months ago

If the urban terrorists currently plaguing Minneapolis and scaring the locals were to try their antics here in northern Texas, I think many of them would be going home in body bags”

Alas. I’ve heard that tough talk for decades. It has never happened. So long as the Enemy doesn’t literally send uniformed thugs to their doors in the middle of the night, there will be no uprising.

I looked hard for a place in USA to move to. Found none that wasn’t just a couple years worse than Cali. Virginia going full Socialist overnight (Easter weekend, specifically) just drove the point home. This is not a problem to be solved by running to a safe harbor.

I wish I was wrong. Everybody I know in daily life–family, friends, coworkers, neighbors–has taken the vaxx with relief and happiness. Whatever fate God has decided for me, I am likely to meet it alone.

9 months ago

My attention was drawn to the proposed health reforms last night. I will note only that if we want good health outcomes from our hospitals, the last thing we need is what we will probably get, viz., a top-heavy, undermanned, underfunded, underequipped and unaccountable bureaucracy masquerading as a hospital system.