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As usual, a mishmash of things I’ve found in the last couple of days. Adam has good advice in this time when the intellectual level of public discourse is that of an intermediate school (junior high for you Yanks).

Hater is a good example of this. Hater is something that a 12 year old girl in the playground who you snubbed and who desperately wanted you to acknowledge her existence in front of her peers whom she had already informed that she’s going out with you and who are standing there watching you blow her off with zero care factor and thus she now realises that her empty dreams are worthless.
So lame.
Pick your label and wear it with disdain.

Your phone is spying on you.

Google is worse than iOS.
Google’s Pixel and Apple’s iPhone both in privacy hot seat for siphoning mobile device data without consent. There is a reason when the employers said you have to get a phone — I said gimme the iOS one. I don’t particularly like Apple, who are woke as hell, but Google takes “Be evil” to a new level.

Mobile device-tracking by Apple and Google take center stage in a report revealing that, despite both allowing users to opt out of sharing telemetry data – they do anyway.
“Both iOS and Google Android transmit telemetry, despite the user explicitly opting out of this,” wrote researcher Douglas Leith from Trinity College in Ireland, in a recently published academic report.
The research, entitled Mobile Handset Privacy: Measuring The Data iOS and Android Send to Apple And Google (PDF), also found that Google collects up to 20 times more data from its Android Pixel users compared to the amount of data that Apple collects from iOS users.

I’m watching the pinephone with interest and ironically use a Chinese Phone right now.

The test of Wokeism.

Is not what the elite say is fair for us plebs. It is if they apply the same standards to themselves. It’s worth noting that if you fly small planes they are not that computer aided and if you fly big planes and the software dies, the plane may fall out of the sky killing hundred. Victor Davis Hansen.

Wokeism assumes that merit was mostly an arbitrary white construct. Its use was to insist on ethnocentric and culturally exclusionary criteria to ostracize the Other. Otherwise, “merit” had not much relation with real competency.
Is that allegation true? We shall soon see.
But note first that few are saying to keep bar-exam grading static, or SAT minimum scores for admission the same, and thereby instead create a Marshall Plan effort in the inner-city to stop the violence, turn failed schools into stellar academies, and honestly critique single-parent households, illegitimacy, and inordinate criminality—as an effort to ensure African American youth are not just qualified, but better qualified meritocratically than those who are deemed to hold these monopolies.
Instead, take the United Airlines idea that it won’t necessarily train the most qualified would-be pilot candidates. Now it will target applicants by racial groupings and, by fiat, limit white males to 2,500 of 5,000 slots in its pilot-training schools. If a nonwhite applicant has less prior experience with flight, scores lower on a test, or compiled a less than competitive high school or college record, it won’t matter then. These were all always useless benchmarks apparently.
In today’s age of computer-driven avionics, the prerequisite ability to do math, to know something about navigation, to understand computers, or to have the proper temperament to fly a plane doesn’t really matter. The fact that thousands will enter pilot training, and soon aircraft controlling, in part on the basis of their gender or race, will not in any way affect the safety or efficacy of travel.
We will know fairly soon the answers to this woke experiment by two criteria: Will pilot error, whether fatal or incidental, increase? And will our elites, whether in Air Force One, or in their own Gulfstreams, follow suit and hire pilots on the basis of their diversity first, and avionics record second.
We can ditto race-based criteria now used at the corporate and financial level, in high-tech, the military, entertainment, education, and in likely everything from movie roles to book contracts to national awards.
Again, such emphases assume that our current managers, professionals, and directors of the last 50 years were heretofore racists or were hired by racists. Or at least they satisfied artificially constructed high standards that bore little relation to actual skills required on the job.
Or they must no longer enjoy percentages in the workplace simply representative of their demographic percentages, but rather in reparatory fashion become underrepresented rather than just demographically correct.

I know politicians who say this. I know people who say that we need to strip out knowledge out of the professional curricula for cultural safety. But if you get things wrong, people do die. This experiment — in medicine, engineering, avionics and other areas, not least the military, could end up lethal. 

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9 months ago

Our governor is about to get recalled for this kind of nonsense. “Good for thee and not for me”. He’s whining about the recall effort, that we’re all Trump voters. Nah. It was the part where you closed the restaurants for us – and went out with 10 folks to the most expensive joint in the state. It was the part where your kids went to private school, while public school was deemed unsafe. It was the part where your businesses were kept open with dishonest testing tactics while people in your state went bankrupt. Let’s add the homeless crisis (worsening daily) and border insanity (hello, sanctuary state). Nah. It isn’t R vs D. It’s a little more than that, sugarplum.

But that’s the thing. You can’t pull this forever. They think they can because they only listen to each other.

9 months ago

Other countries already use non-capability methods of choosing pilots and we have seen the outcome of poor pilot training in crashes by foreign airlines… unfortunately I’m not surprised to hear about it coming to the US. From other stories I’ve read of the difficulty that race based college admittants face, I suspect this will mean higher dropout/ retest rates.
Given that most of the big airlines hiring is existing pilots from feeder airlines, I wonder how much of a difference this will actually make. This reminds me of Amazon announcing the majority of their truck fleet will become electric trucks when the vast majority of “their” trucks are owned and operated by contractors.