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I have not noted what is happening this week apart from noting that our government wants to censor the internet.

Much of the media over here is concentrating on Minnesota and the new “travel bubble” with Australia and how kind our government is to allow us to travel to other Antipodean colonies. Oh, and it is Racist to stop returning of paper Kiwis from areas where the Chinese Pox is spreading, such as India.

Let’s see what else is going on.

Big Media, Big vulnerabilities.

Roosh said a while away you should not rely on any platforms, but you should build your own. Andrew Torba adds that we should build a parallel method of commerce, for the current monopsony of Apple, Alphabet, Twitter and Facebook is a vulnerability. Hackers know this.

Facebook’s services dropped for the second time in three weeks.
Down Detector, a service that keeps track of website performance, recorded a major spike in reports of an interruption to Facebook services this morning.
Two Facebook-owned services, Instagram and Whatsapp, were also down.
The outages appeared to be affecting both services on a global scale.
Facebook also experienced technical difficulties at the end of last month.
Those issues were, however, restricted to the photo-sharing app Instagram.
The latest outage had a much wider impact, affecting Facebook, Instagram, ad services and a number of other properties within the Facebook group.
Given the expense involved, Facebook usually moves to rectify these issues rapidly.
The platform’s performance remains intermittent, with many still reporting issues globally.
Otago Daily TImes

Facebook itself is facing challenges driven in part by Apple, who know there is a market for privacy. Sort of.

I don’t use facebook and don’t have it installed on my devices. Ditto WhatsApp. Ditto instagram.

The new feature from Apple will block apps and websites from collecting and sharing an identifier called IDFA (The Identifier for Advertisers). This will prevent Facebook from using something called “view-through conversions” to get a complete picture of an ad’s effectiveness.
If a person sees an ad on Facebook but doesn’t immediately take action, that doesn’t mean the ad was completely ineffective. That same person may do a web search for that product later and buy it. But with Apple’s update, Facebook will never know that, and neither will its advertisers.
Today, when a person makes a purchase on a retail website or app, that retailer can share the IDFA with Facebook. Facebook can then check to see whether that same IDFA saw an ad for that product on Facebook or Instagram and show the effectiveness of its ads.
If Facebook can’t track conversions outside of its app, advertisers have no idea how valuable its ads really are. They’re left guessing, and some might not like the uncertainty compared to other digital advertising platforms that can more easily track conversions without input from other apps — for example, Amazon.
Facebook says its Audience Network, which displays advertisements in third-party apps, will get hit hardest by the changes. It warned that developers using Facebook Audience Network could see revenue decline 50% after Apple announced the new feature. The Audience Network only accounts for a small percentage of Facebook’s ad business.

The berg says that this privacy app will make facebook better. I think he is spinning his little head off.

Privacy, noncompliance and VPNs.

I had a quick look at VPN plugins for WordPress, and they all block people using that tecnology. Bad idea. We want people to do so, because corprations are trying to regulate everything, so we aree all woke.

In my view, these people are over stating their power. Via Peter Grant, the woke companies are attemtping to regulate our behaviour. But the woke go broke.

You still won’t comply? You’re doxed at work. Your company “can’t take the risk” of employing you after they get secret back-channel warnings from the DHS. You and your wife the school teacher or nurse will be unemployed. How are you going to pay your mortgage? Your kids’ tuition bill? Your car payment? Again, as a DHS-suspected “domestic terror threat” you can’t get the local news to touch the story.
Next step: your ATM card is frozen. Then your credit cards. Then your bank drops you. Still a hard case? Your electricity arrives intermittently. Then it stops altogether. Then your water is cut off. The local news will still not touch your story, since they have been warned about the dangerous domestic terror threat from people like you.

This won’t work. The authroties have forgotten that we don’t need facebook, we don’t need to live in their cities, and that many will vote with their feet. The sheep will not, but most people are idiots. What we need is food, and the real wealth will be secure land. The more rural the better.

And Facebook will be one with the Hittites, Joe Biden’s congitive capacity and MySpace. The FTC have their number.

Other stuff

There must be money still in websites, because Wix is taking on WordPress . As Brother Didact says. Self host. I would confirm that A2 Hosting, which he recommends, gave my previous blog excellent service for some years. Pity that the local debased politicians tried to get me sacked for running it, and I changed ISPs at the same time so they would not find this place.

The woke are arguing facial detection software is racist. This should be encouraged. Some ideas should go broke.

And finally, I believe that fossil fuels are good, because the friction in electric vehicle charging and disposal of the toxi batteries is bad. But it appears that software glitches are bricking cars. Leave the battery for your e-bike, and use deisel utility vehicles.

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6 months ago

A wide ranging post; it’s hard to know where to start commenting!
The current crop of “Big Tech” companies are already losing market share to competitors… they will fight as long and hard as they can, using any means they can find, to maintain their income and dominance.
You are correct that the authorities have forgotten we don’t need Facebook – most of those authorities, and almost all of the media they both read and cater to are from big cities; they have a tendency to forget about the rest of the country. This reminds me of the “Dewey wins” headline mistake, or the journalist comment about Nixon “I don’t know how he could have won, nobody I know voted for him”. This ignorance of half of the country I believe will be the downfall of Liberals. I have seen a number crow about how the cities are what matters and the Deplorables can have the rest of the country, forgetting that their food, fuel, power, etc almost all comes through those areas.
As far as facial recognition goes, I’m skeptical that it’s use will stop… I’d love to see it end, but it has proven to be to useful in the (wrong) hands… and if they move from it, they may move more to gait recognition and other tools that are more error prone and harder to hide from.