Two years.

Two years ago on Aprit 26 2019, the current interation of this blog started up. Looking back, nothing much has changed in the message of this blog. The main thing is the word of God. As my mate says, everything else is filler.

But two years in there are 1621 posts, and 526 comments. 28400 vists and 61800 page views, allowing for a bit of rounding, on Statcounter.

The most popular pages from the last two years are, excluding the landing page, the lectionary links and a bookmarks page that I removed to get the bookmarks on all pages

325 hits: August 2020: Notes before the COVID Bubble Bursts
Looking back at this, I have done a fair amount of my own advice. We have downsized, deleveraged, and I’m encouraging the children to live as rural as possible.
141 hits:Aphorisms and Guidance
132 hits”Lectionary for 13Jan 2021. This is the first time I discussed Amharic and Sothratic evil, and this analysis is coming more obvious and at the same time of less practical importance as the year has progressed.
122 hits March 2021: How to annoy the goy

What is on the menu going forward?

Firstly, the lectionary will continue. I generally do this the night before, and programme it to go up at 6 am, NZ time.

Secondly, the timetable is slipping, and I’m going to go with that. I will collect memes and publish them once a week, do something technical, have one day of poetry or reviews, and do the theology post of Friday. That will allow me to one long post on a topic that is irritating me. The first of these was this week.

Let’s see how well this continues.

Can I thank all the viewers and commentators, over the last two years, and those who have emailed me, telling that they pray. I need the prayers, and the emails and support help more than you know.

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8 months ago

I recently found your site (about a month ago), and tho I’m a Yank, I greatly appreciate what you are doing here. I enjoy the mix of serious topics and the occasional humor (memes!) Thanks again!