Blog update.

The more obsessive reader will have noted that the usual structure of posts has been bent, folded, mutilated and spindled like the old hollerith cards were when disks came out. Sorry, but real life hit, and I ended up fairly exhausted. Some of the posts that went out today (the Canadian persecution one excepted) too a couple of days to germinate, when most of the time the poetry and theology posts are easy to write.

We also are heading into the 1970s again, a time I recall as involving carless days, increasing regulation of life, and no, not because I was in high school at the time. Worse, the fashions are coming back.

That said, this week has been about keeping some things going as long as possible, particularly audio. I spent half the weekend sorting out bluetooth inputs for the stereo from a local supplier, or helping Kea sort out things for the house. We are in the process of renovations which means that at times various parts of the house have no power, or water. I spent part of Sunday finding a laundromat that would accept coins and not odd tokens — which were sold out when I went to acquire some.

The aim this week is to get the right posts on the right days. Memery went up today (Monday). Tuesday is Administriva/Analogue: Wednesday is poetry (Kipling preferred), Friday is theology, and Sunday is Religious Poetry

And every day is the Lectionary Post.


Spent 10 hoirs in ED and hace to go to specailiat today.
Ther are prayer chanis activvated and inverstiavations being completed. Every thing else can wait.