The trouble with youtube.

There are three or four problems with youtube.

  1. The audio quality is poor. Admittedly, I pay for good streaming, lossless music from Deezer. But a couple of days ago some old Amos came up, which I recall from the time that I became a solo Dad. It has a emotive context. Looking at the same song on teh youtube and the music is … horrible.
  2. Their advertising/subscription model is broken. This is the google thinking that because I listen to this or that I fit into a group. I generally don’t. The alogrithm seems to think I’m either a Christian Cat Lady, or a Lumberjack, due to me switiching between worship music and videos on how to fix the house. Which at times is horrible.
  3. They have the monopoly. Functionally. The bastards. Most of the churches I know that have decent music ministries — Hillsong and Arise, I’m looking at you — use Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, not knowing that these companies are promoting the Pedobear and Globohomo. They have the power, and they are not neutral. Moreover, they assume that if you post on their site they have the copyright and they have the control.

I have tried to not use youtube when it comes to videos, but at present the other platforms are worse. If there are companies that will provide such a link, then tell me. Because I expect that even teh Hillsong will be banned from them, along with all the decent orthodox and catholic musicians, because they offend the rancid rainbow.

And then we will have to build our own platforms.

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5 months ago

Unfortunately the only way to build a platform is to build a platform. The big players seem unwilling to do that because they already have that audience on youtube. The small players don’t have the pull to do it because they don’t have a large enough audience to make it feasible. Someone with money is going to have to step up and make it happen, then convince the big players to start to leave. Then O’Sullivan’s law will take hold and we will start again.

5 months ago

Locals is planning on doing quite a bit in this regard… but it isn’t up to snuff yet, and isn’t youtubey in any way other than “you can upload videos”.