Culture Wars.

I am not enough of a Star Wars fan to deliberately go and celebrate teh 4th. More so, now: the Star Wars series has been destroyed by the Devil Mouse. Didact lets out the rage of his inner geek.

The Devil Mouse has managed to do the utterly IMPOSSIBLE:
It made the prequels look GOOD by comparison to the sequel trilogy!
Hardcore old-school fans (like me) actually think fondly of Jar-Jar Bloody Binks!!
And, now that the High Republic nonsense has dropped like an unwanted stinky log from the “Star Wars Story Group”, featuring a sentient ROCK named GEODE, people like me are looking back at even the WORST of the SWEU novels, like Vonda N. Mcintyre’s The Crystal Star, and Karen Traviss’s Sacrifice, with a twinge of nostalgia!!!
At this point, if you’re subscribing to any Devil Mouse services like Disney+, Hulu, or any other streaming service, you’re actively helping the people who want to destroy everything that is still great about STAR WARS. Don’t bother. Just… sail the high seas instead to get your fill of shows like The Mandalorian. (And if you’re going to do that, make sure you have protection – nothing worse than catching the digital equivalent of crabs from malware.)
Start supporting the good guys instead – head on over to Arkhaven and put the money that you’re spending on Disney+ into the production of great comic books, TV, and documentaries.

I don’t do comics either, but Arkhaven is producing good stuff.

The Dark Herald comments — go read the link, you get a discussion on how odd Bram Stoker was, and that the director of the first vampire movie (in German) had a good going morphine addiction — that this series is going to be interesting.

Midnight’s War is the Arkhaven title that currently holds my promiscuous interest in its thrall. This doesn’t look like the usual Blade rip-off at all. I’m rather curious as to what Vox has in store for us.
I want to see what restrictions a professional game designer, a man who creates balanced rules for a living does with a set of rules he’ll have to come up with for Vampires.

This is important. The last redefintion of Vampirism was by Stross who (a) indicated it was an occultic infection spread by mathematical forumulae that led beings from the multiverse to invade — scum writing trading alogrithms in banks, and that the vampires were instantly recruited by the occultic secret service known as the Laundry, and had a right to exist. They became wimps of the bureaucracy, as did Tolkiens elves.

But this subversion of myth matters, for only scholars have copies of Victorian Poetry. They have not read their MacAuley

But the Consul’s brow was sad, and the Consul’s speech was low,
And darkly looked he at the wall, and darkly at the foe.
“Their van will be upon us before the bridge goes down;
And if they once might win the bridge, what hope to save the town?”
Then out spoke brave Horatius, the Captain of the Gate:
“To every man upon this earth, death cometh soon or late;
And how can man die better than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods,
“And for the tender mother who dandled him to rest,
And for the wife who nurses his baby at her breast,
And for the holy maidens who feed the eternal flame,
To save them from false Sextus, that wrought the deed of shame?
“Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul, with all the speed ye may!
I, with two more to help me, will hold the foe in play.
In yon strait path, a thousand may well be stopped by three:
Now, who will stand on either hand and keep the bridge with me?’
Then out spake Spurius Lartius; a Ramnian proud was he:
“Lo, I will stand at thy right hand and keep the bridge with thee.”
And out spake strong Herminius; of Titian blood was he:
“I will abide on thy left side, and keep the bridge with thee.”
“Horatius,” quoth the Consul, “as thou sayest, so let it be.”
And straight against that great array forth went the dauntless Three.
For Romans in Rome’s quarrel spared neither land nor gold,
Nor son nor wife, nor limb nor life, in the brave days of old.
Then none was for a party; then all were for the state;
Then the great man helped the poor, and the poor man loved the great.
Then lands were fairly portioned; then spoils were fairly sold:
The Romans were like brothers in the brave days of old.
Now Roman is to Roman more hateful than a foe,
And the Tribunes beard the high, and the Fathers grind the low.
As we wax hot in faction, in battle we wax cold:
Wherefore men fight not as they fought in the brave days of old.

This used to be known to all. Now our myths come from comics made movies, and being ruined by the movie makers. There is a cultural war, two sided. One side is making of new myths, new comics, that will move from the gutter (where all science fiction and comics belong) to the movies and to the high culture, as the yellow novels of Dracula and Fu Manchu became fuel for the early film makers.

The second is preserving and keeping the good old stuff, form the reavers who would destroy it because it is problematic. For that reason, buy physical books, and spread the text of good poetry and good noves widely.

Because the approved culture as as much reality and power as Soviet Realism did: that is none.

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Gunner Q
8 months ago

I signed on to Arkhaven Comics, too. VD was smart to bring in a lot of talent and I miss having stuff to read.

I’m supporting this, but the comics are freely available. VD is very, very astute: Midnight’s war is also very on point