This week we have John WIlder’s Civil War Report. He thinks the warlord phase is preparation for the dictatorship of the wokelariat, and their commisars. I disagree: I know too many people from South Africa, and when it gets really tight people go tribal. Anyway, onto the Memes. This is supposed to be something to cheer me up

Peter Grant, of African Experience, did with this one.

John Wilder of the Meme.


The Green Woke.


Meat is good for you. From Will S.

Red Pill

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5 months ago

Good memes indeed, although on my notebook of “things that make me want to crawl under my desk” this week we have an entry for “police being asked not to attend pride parade or be within a block of same”.

John Wilder
5 months ago

Excellent selection!

Will S.
5 months ago

I LOL’d @ the air freshener. 🙂