This is a time when there is a fair amount of noise around the interwebz. The toolset we have to make this work involves a few things, some of which I confess I have delayed doing but I am now onto.


It now behooves you to have a VPN. If you don’t you will be tracked. This is something you cannot do on your work phone and work computer, because the IT people at work should be sorting that out, and your products will clash with those. Which is why you have home machines.

It is very tempting to just work on issues when you can — but this is a habit that one has to break. Keep your private life private and your work time work. Do not do anything relgious or social — including the approved activism — at work. Leave it for home where you can take steps to protect yourself.

Then do this.

  1. Set up a VPN.

I use protonvpn because I have used (Protonmail) for a while and I trust the Swiss more than the yanks. There is a package in Manjaro that gets the vpn up and running, and there is an app on Android. I have tested both and they work. If you don’t like this do like the Didact and use either the Tor brower or a simple VPN.

  1. Have an email for your handle.

In my case, this is easy: I have set up as the email for Weka. Protonmail costs, but it is worth it to have secure email. Have another email for work, and only use gmail or your work email when you have to. Again, this will require discipline at work, but that is not bad for you.

  1. Rinse social media.

Blogs rock, social media does not. I hope by now you have stopped using facebook and deleted your account. Yes, that will remove you from instaham and slapchat as well, but those are good things to be away from. Note that the facebook tries to vector your involvement by encouraging organizations you like to have facebook pages and do their “free” marketing through them. Avoid such: they are places where your identity is folded, bent, spindled and mutilated. Twitter is nastier, as google keeps your old tweets, and they are in the internet archive. But getting off twitter is not that difficult. Get off Linkedin. Do likewise to TikTok, and Parler. There are people now trying to hack Gab. Social Galactic may be the best option there.

In short, if it is free, your data is being marketed elsewhere.

The Banhammer.

Didact has had to ban someone. This is unusual, as most of the people who read the Agoge know that if you want to wax long and monomaniacally on an issue build your own damn platform. But there are some people who parasite places and need to be banhammered.

Passive-aggressive behaviour is the signature trait of the Gamma, just as fidelity and loyalty to an Alpha is the signature trait of the Bravo, and a strong desire to be respected and consulted for his competence and hard work is the signature trait of the Delta. You will find God praising the positive traits, and condemning the negative traits, of each level of the SSH, throughout the Bible.
Finally, for anyone who is new here – understand that commenting is a privilege, not a right. You are free to dislike me and post massive walls of text about what a tool you think I am. But you will do so on your own site, on your own time. I do not tolerate such things here.
Longtime Readers who have been around for quite literally years understand this very well and observe the rules. Follow them, and you’ll be fine. Break them, and you’ll be told to GTFO.
In the meantime, I’m doing my bit to make banhammers great again. This is only the second ban that I’ve ever issued – the first one was for a homosexual who couldn’t argue his way out of a paper bag – and that’s a damned good record for a site that’s been around for over 8 years. I don’t intend to make a regular habit out of this sort of thing, and I don’t think I’ll need to, because I have great readers who don’t hesitate to tell me when they think I’m wrong.

So, if you comment here — what happens? Firstly, the comemnt goes through CleanTalk, which cuts my spam down. You may have been deemed spam. Then it goes through some simple filters: no images, no multiple links, no foul words. I have a set of rules, and I don’t see things that break those rules.

Then I review things before they go up. If I dusagree, I comment inline.

If you hate that, email me. I normally approve things within 24 hours and reply to emails in the same time frame.

Default Browser.

I don’t like Firefox primarily because Mozilla is going woke and banning more sites you should be able to get to such as Social Galactic. I’m swtcihing slowly to vivaldi where I can, and switcing antitracking and add blocking on.

That’s enough changes for the last couple of weeks. Next project is getting a photo blog up, probably using Ghost Pro