Against State Mandated Animism.

There is, apparently, an idol to Tane Mahuta, the Maori Gods of the Forests, in the freaking treasury department. Some days you don’t discuss Aquinas and Calvin. You go for the jugular. This is from a speech from the Chair of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, where the chair now says we must worship the Maori Gods so we are walking in the old ways of the Maori.

Ways the Maori abandoned when they found Christ. Well before the treaty was signed.

But why is it so important that we at the Reserve Bank learn from and embrace Te Ao Māori in our day to day work?
We are the central bank for all of Aotearoa. Māori people are our people. As kaitiaki (guardians) of the financial system, we have a responsibility to ensure that Māori have fair and equal access to the financial services they need – something our system has not always delivered.
But it’s not just about creating better outcomes for Māori.
Māori language, history, and culture shape our identity as a country. Our economy has unique opportunities and challenges that set us apart from the rest of the world. We need to understand and acknowledge these complexities to be better policy makers for all of Aotearoa.
We know we still have a long way to go.
Luckily, we’re not alone in our efforts to become a more diverse, inclusive, and representative central bank. Like us, the global central banking community is opening up to the importance of indigenous economies, and this means we’ve been able to learn from and share our learnings with international colleagues through the Central Bank Network for Indigenous Inclusion (Reserve Bank 2021).
We aren’t experts by a long way, but we are making good progress on integrating tikanga and Te Reo Māori into the daily life at Te Pūtea Matua.
To grow our understanding, in partnership with the northern iwi of Te Roroa, we tell our story through the narrative of Tāne Mahuta. Just as Tāne stands firm as kaitiaki of the ngahere (forest), so too must we strive to stand firm as kaitiaki of the financial system (Reserve Bank 2018). Our kaupapa (agenda) is to maintain trust in our organisation so that Tāne will not wilt and lose mana.
Our offices in Auckland and Wellington have been designed to reflect elements of our Tāne Mahuta narrative, such as the forest, sky, and earth. Each day as we walk through the security gates to enter our Wellington offices, Tāne Māhuta looks back at us as a reminder of our responsibility

I will not bow to Caesar nor give a pinch of incense to him. I’ve generally avoided karakia and such because I consider them more pagan than not: there is work to be done, and when I pray I follow the rule of Christ and close the door. Good OPSEC, and Christ warned against virtue signalling.

Besides, this is ahistorical, and batshit crazy.

Rodney Hide, Libertarian, no friend of religion, writing in the BFD, notes. about Sam, a devout monotheist, who got a job there, that we must embrace the Maori Gods and religion to work in New Zealand.

He either has to play along or leave.
He will no doubt play along just like all others who choose to work for the government and now, sadly, all those who attend school or go to university. Bit by bit, day by day, his self-respect, integrity and his rational mind must be eroded. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand reveres a block of wood as the God of the Forest. He mustn’t question that. He must just go along with it.
His boss, whom he must respect and be mentored by, is on “a journey” into New Age animism. His boss sees nothing wrong in having the rest of us pay for his journey and his worship.
Indeed, it appears Mr Hawkesby works for his god rather than us. He says it’s his job to make sure Tane Mahuta doesn’t wilt and lose mana.
Officially, Mr Hawkesby is responsible for formulating monetary policy, providing liquidity in financial markets, managing the foreign reserves, operating interbank payment and settlement systems, and the circulation of currency.
I am a libertarian. It’s wrong to have a bunch of bureaucrats monopolising and manipulating our money. I no longer need to have a long and tedious debate about modern monetary theory. I need only declare that the fellow in charge thinks a block of wood in the foyer is keeping an eye on him. In that one observation the intellectual edifice of big government comes crashing down.
If he believes that, he will believe anything. Facts and reason mean nothing to him. He has no understanding of the proper role of government or proper limits of policy.

Well, hold onto your hats, because this explains why we are heading for a crash. Those who abandon God, God will allow to go crazy, and see the consequences of their actions: good and hard.

They are not only losing the people their progressive ideology is buided on, because they are too woke to tolerate those who lived before, but they are returning to myths that the Maori themselves abandoned.

Given that they same bunch of muppets are printing money on the false assumption that the kiwi dollar has an inherent value, this is going to end very, very badly. And, as more Maori are disadvantanged than any other group in New Zealand, the people they are virtuing signalling about are going to suffer the most.

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5 months ago

What the..? Where do they find these people?

Dear Mr Hawkesby,
You had one job.
Making sure Mr Tane doesn’t lose mana by getting brewer’s droop wasn’t it. You’re fired.
Enjoy the diverse and inclusive ‘journey’ and pray to the Lord God that he doesn’t supply the vibrancy in the form of an earthquake.

The people of New Zealand

jorgen c
jorgen c
5 months ago

“He says it’s his job to make sure Tane Mahuta doesn’t wilt and lose mana.”

They let all the white gods like Zeus and Thor wilt and lose mana, so fuck their brown gods.