Around the traps.

Starting yet another notebook on how things are. Given yesterday’s news: all family is safe, all acquaintances are safe, we shop at our local centre which is not where the stabbings happened yesterday.

Dunedin Stuff.

It is late autumn, and it looks like the first storms of the year are coming. Although it is warm right now, it could be snowing by tonight.

This mornings ODT notes that a 42 year old man is being charged with four counts of attempted murder today after he attacked people in a supermarket yesterday. At present, all details are functionally suppressed: the issue of a formal suppression order will (I expect) be discussed in court real soon now. In NZ the courts can and will hound press and public if they mention the name of any accused: this is part of assuming innocence and they do not want people guilty in the court of public opinion. However, this is at times more honoured in the breach.

The defendant, who was also briefly hospitalised before being discharged last night, appeared in the dock wearing a white cover-all garment, bare-footed with a white plaster on his right forearm.
He stood with his head bowed in the dock only looking up when the judge addressed him.
Counsel John Westgate entered no plea on behalf of his client and asked for name suppression to be granted until the next appearance before the High Court in June.
Judge Peter Rollo granted the order and remanded the man in custody until that date.
He confirmed there was no formal mental-health assessment sought.
Corrections today confirmed that one of those stabbed was a staff member and it is understood his wife was also wounded.

How to run a COVID outbreak.

Mike Hosking comparing NSW to NZ. I’d note that I don’t like Sydney or Melbourne: rural Australia is OK. If you can avoid the Victorian Police and all Aussie Traffic Cops. They micro regulate, and that is never healthy.

Berejiklian is Australia’s most successful premier. Her state is the best economic performer, she is popular, and she has led far and away Australia’s most successful Covid response.
The Ardern like control freaks in places like Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia have been caught out the same way we have.
Locking things up isn’t hard, but it’s been Victoria and WA that have had the most problems.
New South Wales have had very few. The Northern Beaches outbreak was handled well, and this current outbreak is hardly the pending disaster a bubble pause would indicate it is.
Like so much of this stuff, there is too much politics at play.
The government will never admit it, but they’re not keen on the bubble. That’s why they dragged their heels.
That’s why Australia opened to us last year and we took till a month or so ago to respond.
Any chance to say I told you so, inconvenience some people and kill the buzz they’re all over.
The end of Covid is in many respects the end of this government. They’ve succeeded through fear. When the fear goes the borders open and we turn our attention back to the shambles their governance has produced, they’re done for.
This is why Gladys shines. She’s aspirational, she doesn’t panic, New South Wales doesn’t lockdown at the drop of a hat or a single case.
They can and do track and trace, their record is not just the best but they’re proud of it.
There is no reason to freak out our side of the Tasman if they’re not freaking out on theirs.
She is right, it was an overreaction, because she is a better leader, and handles these things with more aplomb.
As we have said before, between the lax vaccine roll out, the pay freeze, the Australian economy quote unquote from Macquarie “leading the world”, and a little aspiration from Berejiklian, the big red land to the left is increasingly a temptation.
When the migration numbers start backing that view up, don’t say all the warning signs weren’t there.

Down in the South we ain’t got any cases and only the Karens are ostentatiously using the COVID tracking app or wearing masks. This virus is not that nasty, now, unless you get the viral pneumonia, and we forget influenza pneumonia is lethal.

The vaccine, however, could have lethal side effects, and the risks associated with it are enumerated in an open letter to the EU drug regulatory body which recommends the vaccine distribution is halted until these issues are sorted out.

Quote of the Day.

From of all places, the Aussie Spectator, on Scotty from Marketing. Who is not allowed to get anything right because he’s a Christian and a Tory. (All leaders get a fair amount of things wrong, but most of the time what they do right is grudgingly acknowledged)

What, we might ask, is the reason for liberals-cum-progressives adopting the illiberal dogma of identity politics? In an earlier revolutionary age, maintained philosopher Roger Scruton, the Jacobins fervently promoted liberté and égalité without appreciating the conflicting nature of the two concepts, and so ended up with Robespierre’s ‘despotism of liberty’. Today, extrapolating from Scruton, we are witnessing a ‘despotism of identity’ where the identity of the individual, which has defined Western liberalism until recently, is eclipsed by the identity of the group.
A discussion about the ‘despotism of identity’ could start with the illiberal and straight-out mean reaction to our PM’s keynote speech at the ACC national conference. Morrison’s membership of the Pentacostalist community, which constitutes about one per cent of the Australian population, puts him in the wrong identity group. It therefore suggests to our liberals-cum-progressives that something of an Evangelical conspiracy is afoot in Canberra, that Morrison’s religious faith somehow connects him to an international millenialist plot, makes him un-Australian and constitutes a threat to our democracy. Social worker and former Pentecostal ‘insider’ Josie McSkimming offered this additional insight for Crikey: ‘He’s saying, unless you’re a Christian, have your faith in Christ, you’re being used by the evil one. That’s his world-view’.
That is not what Morrison was saying at the ACC conference and even more obviously not what he was saying at the United Israel Appeal dinner. For the purveyor of identity politics, however, the PM’s worldview is necessarily defined by his membership of the Horizon Church, and the Horizon Church is almost a byword for any number of PC infelicities.
The paradox, surely, is that the liberality and tolerance of our Pentecostal PM’s declared political philosophy – ‘you are more than your religion’ – is greater than that of his supposedly broad-minded critics. Perhaps that’s the point Scott Morrison was trying to make all along. Who, today, are the real bigots in our midst?

We should not say that the press are the real bigots. We should consider them as opponents to all that is good and true and noble. And not support them.

The IQ shredder.

I think I was in the first generation where the consequences of delaying pregnancy hit, and they hit hard. Of my kids, two were born when I was in my late 30s and my then wife was older. Collega and delayed childbearing means the more gifted half of womankind are less likely to have kids.

One of the phrases I hate is “working mothers,” which is often deployed in such a way as to stigmatize stay-at-home mothers. Ever since the rise of the feminist movement in the late 1960s, liberals have promoted the idea that women must have careers — not just jobs, but professional careers — in order to deserve admiration or praise. In order to have a career, it follows logically, women must go to college and ever since the late 1970s, women have been a majority of college students and are now about 56% of undergraduate enrollment. The result has been a disaster in demographic terms because, as the old saying goes, “Fertility delayed is fertility denied.” That is to say, from the day a girl reaches menarche, she has a fixed number of potential reproductive opportunities — in a healthy female, 12 cycles a year for about 25 years from ages 15 to 40, or roughly 300 lifetime chances to become pregnant. If she does not become a mother as a teenager (and middle-class America adamantly believes that teenage motherhood is the worst of all possible fates), this means her reproductive opportunities are reduced to about 240 — 12 menstrual cycles per year for about 20 years. Thus, every year that she delays motherhood represents a reduction in her total fertility.

Any adult attempting to explain these simple facts of life to young women is apt to meet with a hostile response, attacked as an enemy of “equality” and “women’s rights,” but the alternative — what has actually been happening since the 1970s — is that many young women keep hitting the snooze on the alarm on their biological clocks, so that they unexpectedly arrive in their 30s with the sudden realization that their opportunities for motherhood are now drastically reduced.

Our current policies don’t seem to think that this is an issue. Competence comes with the title. In my experience, not so. Women should note (in addition) that being female is no longer sufficient to win the diversity points competition, you have to be debased and a person of colour in additon. You would be far better to put your effort into raising strong women than trying to get the promotion you are barred from because of your skin colour

And men, go into the trades or accept you will never be promoted.

We all know what “diversity” means, even if we’re not allowed to say it plainly. “Diversity” in hiring or college admissions would not be controversial if it were, as proponents claim, merely about finding qualified women and POC (“people of color”) for prestige positions. Instead, what “diversity” actually means in practice is a secretive system of quotas where women and POC are hired (or admitted to elite schools) without regard to their relative qualifications. “Diversity” means a lowering of standard in the name of “equality,” and anyone who objects is smeared as a racist, sexist, homophobe.

College is an IQ shredder. Gentlemen, go into a trade. Ladies, marry yourself a Tradie.