Background for the non locals.

The current government is full socialist, and wants to set up an apartiheit state. They used to have a cucusertvative civic nationalist partner — Winston Peter’s NZ first party, andthey kept their agenda well away from him until they had the majority seats in Parliament. Whuch they now have. — and they have a Green Party which is run by Maoists and woke as their allies.

As usual, they are lying and calling anyone who contradicts them racist. Here is a summary.

He Puapua argues for this country to be predominantly governed by individuals of part-Maori ancestry and for those of part-Maori descent — no matter how minimal. A separate parliament and civil service is to govern those identifying as Maori, with, as usual, no definition of who can legitimately be regarded as Maori — in a country where intermarriage has been the norm for 200 years — and where full-blooded Maoris no longer exist.
Its intent is for separate Maori health and court systems; Maori ownership of the foreshore and seabed (now already happening); separate Maori wards on councils; Maori governance over water and every other possible sphere of influence — such as the reassignment of the entire conservation estate under the Department of Conservation (DOC).
This two-systems approach has already been adopted, with health reforms dominated by a separate Maori Health Authority able to veto government decisions relating to everybody’s health. Under Jacinda Ardern’s supervision, Labour has already pushed legislation through parliament to ensure the public no longer has a say with regard to Maori wards on councils. Moreover, it is envisaged that progress between basically two governments would be overseen by the Aotearoa Monitoring Group, currently chaired by the Maori sovereignty activist, Margaret Mutu. Larded with increasing numbers of untranslated Maori words and phrases — making it virtually impossible for most New Zealanders to understand — it has been well described as ‘a masterpiece of deceit’. No reference is made to the fact that a previous Independent Constitutional Review Panel examining radicalised Maoris’ call for a Treaty-based constitution found widespread opposition to the proposal, with 96 per cent of submissions opposing it, ‘and 97 per cent vehemently opposed to local government Maori seats’.
Incredibly, some former politicians are simply shaking their heads at Jacinda’s supposed ‘naïveté’. This manipulative politician, adept at projecting compassion and well-being, flashing her famous smiles, and talking at great length —while managing to say almost nothing relevant in response to questioning — is dodging accountability by switching to vigorous and indignant Hollywooding, claiming she hasn’t read the document.
Who actually believes her, given that while she claims the report hasn’t found its way to the Cabinet table, and refuses to state her view on its recommendations, her ministers are already implementing some of its communications? Her current ploy is to brush off criticism of this pernicious, fundamentally racist document by accusing its critics of ‘playing politics’. So much for her promise of transparent government.

Australian Spectator

It’s worth nothing that this is not published in NZ. I noted earlier this week that arguments against the favoured races will get you arrested in NZ. I’ve already had a Labour party activist try to get me sacked from my job, and have not ahd social medial or written a blog under my own name sicne.

Judith colins, who is descriebd as curel, is hammering the vovernment on this, along with David Seymour. David’s Maori and a libertarian. It amuses me to see him be called racist, particularly by the Greens, whose MPS include people born in Mexico, Iran, and (far worse) Berkeley, Californian.

The loss of freedom we had will be perminenet and enduring so the rights of the indigneous peoples are protected. Here is where it gets really, really interesting. Neither the South Island Maor or the Tuhoe people who live in the hills between Opotiki and Gisoborne have a recollection of their ancestors coming to New Zealand from Hawaiki by canoe. The other tribes do. There are legends that the Maori — well most of them — are not indigenoous. Very interstingly, in these two tribes there are families with pale skinned, blue eyes — which is very non polynesian. Ngai Tahu signed the treaty of Waitangi: Tuhoe did not. But both do not align that well with most of the other iwi. They consider themselves indigenous and the others interlopers.

But dissent is being shut down. Chris Trotter, from his blog. The Leader of the Opposition is taking this report and saying — this is a massive constitutional change and you can’t bring it in by stealth. Start talking. She’s now called alt-right. Trotter is talking about National Radio, which is state sponsored and a long standing political commentary programme

Unsurprisingly, one of the topics up for discussion was the Leader of the Opposition’s, Judith Collins’, ongoing effort to get the Labour Government to offer up any sort of coherent response to the He Puapua Report.
If ever there was an issue that called out for a broader discussion, it is the He Puapua Report. Under review is nothing less than the future shape of the New Zealand constitution and a radically reconfigured relationship between Maori and Pakeha New Zealanders.
Rather than venture forth into these stormy waters, however, Ryan attempted to re-frame the discussion as a shrewd Opposition manoeuvre to drive a wedge between the Prime Minister and her Maori caucus. Having thus constricted tightly the parameters of the discussion, Ryan passed the speaking-stick to Thomas. It was at this point that things took a decidedly weird turn.
Riffing off his co-commentator, Jones’s, sneering characterisation of National’s interest in He Puapua as some kind of “conspiracy theory”, Thomas upped the ante by claiming that the report’s critics were treating He Puapua as something akin to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This charge represents a major step-up in the effort of what might best be described as the New Zealand “political class” to stifle all further debate on the issues covered in the report.
What Thomas (PR consultant) had done was to move beyond Jones’s (Managing Director of PR firm Capital Government Relations) strategy of marginalising the Government’s critics as tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists, into the much darker realm of virulent anti-Semitism and far-Right mythology.
For those who don’t know, the Protocols were published by fanatical Russian anti-Semites in 1903 as a means of inciting murderous pogroms against the Tsar’s Jewish subjects. They concern a supposedly secret Jewish plot to take over the world. Brought out of Russia in the aftermath of World War One and the Bolshevik Revolution, the Protocols served to inflame Adolf Hitler’s already passionate hatred of the Jews. Copies of this ur-conspiracy theory are still on sale in bookshops all over the Middle East.
By invoking the Protocols, Thomas – wittingly or unwittingly – was associating National’s Judith Collins with the worst excesses of the Nazis and their admirers. And, it appears to have worked. In her keynote speech to the Southern Regional Conference of the National Party in Queenstown (16/5/21) the name He Puapua does not appear.
Listening to last Monday’s Political Panel, the similarity between the attitudes struck by Ryan, Jones and Thomas over He Puapua, and those struck by the British political class in relation to the UK-wide debate over Brexit is … well … striking. There is that same lofty tone of condescension; that same propensity to belittle those who refuse to endorse the “official” policy-line; the same impression that those opposing them are ignorant and powerless peasants who may be safely waved away and ignored.
The Political Panel’s airy dismissal of their fellow citizens’ concerns was bad enough in itself, but what made it worse was the fact that it was being broadcast on a network supposedly owned by, and committed to serving, the people of New Zealand – all the people of New Zealand. A state broadcaster rigorously excluding any and all voices dissenting from the official line, is something most New Zealanders would expect to encounter in Moscow or Beijing – not in Wellington.

I am quite aware that the Afrikaaner Parties — sponsored by their labour unions — kept Apartheid going for 40 years. But that nation, that great nation, builded on Hugenots and Dutch and English — who predated the Xhosa and Kwazulu — is now corrupt, broken, and falling inot anarchy.

many have fled. But there is no agnlosphere to flee to. If this goes through, New Zealand, that last homely home, will be destroyed.

And our elite call this good.

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5 months ago

Interesting how the “indigenous first, last, and always” policies never get applied to Europe. Shouldn’t it be acceptable, under this philosophy, for Europe to be governed predominantly by individuals of European descent? And where does that leave blacks in the United States? If we return governance to the American Indian tribes and their descendants?

Stand by for a plethora of claims of descent. If you can find a Maori in your past, now would be the time.