Memery (NSFW and Doggos)

I don’t do much social media, but I do use Gab, and a fair number of the memes of the week always come from that source. The right does have some pretty good memesters, and this is this weeks collection.

Peter Grant has a good collection of memes this week. The mockery of the elite seems to be increasing, at least around here, but your mileage will vary.

Enough chatter. Onto the memes.

Imperial Nakedness

You know the emperor has no morals, but some also have no brains.

This blog is NSFW

It is time to smash the idols of this age. The globohomo. The Sainted Geourge Floyd of Fentanyl who everyone is bowing their knee to. The COVID Vaccine that will save us.

All these are lies. Going here is not safe for continued employment. Use a VPN. And don’t do this at work, or on work machines. They would rather you watched something that would debase you.


You did not know there were theological memes? There are. You just have to hang around the Orthodox, or the Calvinists, who are learning from them.

Mr Wilder

Because he needs his own category. He is on a roll.


Come on, We need mindbleach, and if you don’t collect the doggo memes daily they decay.