It is getting bleak, and angry.

Yesterday was the local budget, and middle New Zealand, who supported that nice Jacinda and Labour and not that Nasty Judith and National, found that Labour returned to its roots had gave them the consequences of their vote. Good and Hard.

I hate it when I’m right.

This brings me to Ianto Watt, who posts at Matt Briggs place, looking at the consequences of the stolen election in the USA and the lack of trust they now have in any institution. Ianto is Catholic, and gets his Exegesis for the end times from mystics, prophets, and Fatima. Many Protestants get theirs from the footnotes in the Victorian Schofied Bible, which had errors.

I don’t know what is going to happen, apart from that we have to be faithful.

Which is to say, there is still hope for our children and their children. And even beyond. But it raises a few questions. The primary one being, ‘if this ain’t the Big One, what the Hell could be worse’? Indeed, what could be worse than today?
After all, look at the list: inflation is back, wokeism is rampant, BLM violence is rising again, education is dead, energy is iffy, sports suck, the global-supply-chain paradigm is starting to fritz-out, and the entire mechanism of the Republic has been purchased (rather cheaply, I might add) by those who have no allegiance to anyone but themselves. How can it get worse, Komrade? Well, I don’t know. Maybe we should ask some nobodies in Cuba. Or in a Uighur concentration camp. Or someone starving in Venezuela. Or even here, in Downtown USA. Or even a pastor in Canada. Maybe they might be able to enlighten us a bit. You think it can’t get worse?
But even all that pales with what may be coming, and I think it will. And it will start with the loss of faith. No, not religious faith. That’s already happened, to a large degree. And yes, that’s part of the problem, but not like you think. It’s the result, not the cause. Yep. Loss of religious belief has happened because we valued other things higher. Like ‘Educators’. Like ‘Doctors’. Like ‘Scientists’. Like political ‘leaders’. And our sports ‘heroes’. And finally, the last institution with any shred of dignity left, our military.
We lost our religious faith because we put all these secular beliefs ahead of our religious beliefs. And we’ve seen a successive loss of faith in each of these secular categories that then drags our over-arching imperialistic faith down with every notch of failure in these Imperial pillars I listed above. For in truth, we have long been members of an Orthodox ‘nation’, whose religious leaders have been in thrall to the Emperor, whoever he may be at any moment. Religious leaders that can rally their clergy (of any flavor) to the’ defense of the Empire’ (especially when the Empire is on offense). That is the definition of Orthodoxy, whether anyone wants to admit it or not; subservience to the State. And the culture that State produces.
So, instead of the Faith forming the culture (and subsequently, the politics), the reverse is now true. And has been for a long, long time. Now the Piper wants to be paid. Or else the rats will remain. At least, that is the implicit threat every Piper pipes. But just like paying ransom supposedly frees someone, it’s only temporary. They will do it again and again, and why not? Nobody ever calls them out. Nobody ever toughs it out. We always cave to the weak sisters who plead for the immediate life of one, at the eventual expense of all. And now we’re all hostages and there’s no one left to pay the ransom.
What do I mean by that? Simple. The house of cards is going to collapse. It has to, eventually, as anyone who’s ever built one knows. And we’ve built one Hell of a house. So, the slightest puff will begin the descent. Besides, there’s only so many cards in the deck. We’re now down to the Jokers.

Read the entire thing. Because we are going to be purified. The falling away to this time has been minor. But the real tests are coming. We are going to have to discover church discipline — and bluntly, I won’t believe the Catholic heirarchy are serious until they have backed off at least half their bishops to penitential monastories, and the Anglicans until they have defrocked every female priest and every enabler of female priests.

When the Pentecostals do that job and the established churches do not, then we have difficulties.

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8 months ago

There are definitely portions of the military that are ineffective, there are other portions that are still effective; I don’t know the relative size of the portions, especially when you add in poor maintenance (a bigger issue with the Navy and Air Force than the Army).

8 months ago

I agree – our “house” has been intentionally weakened by many people for many reasons, and those who try to strengthen it are fought and attacked…
It is surprising how long the system has managed to limp along, but the longer it lasts, the worse the implosion will be.
The cities will be the worst, and the government will spend itself out trying to keep them going…
Have you read “The Last Centurion”? It is a novel that from 12 years ago that looks potentially very prescient now…

8 months ago

Five counties in OR voted to move to ID yesterday… pop some popcorn and we’ll see how that goes. Most of the rural parts of urban states have felt disenfranchised for a very long time, and the straw just broke the camel’s back. Do I think this is a go-forward plan? No. I don’t think OR or the feds will have any truck with it. But it’s indicative of where our heads are over here.

8 months ago

Perhaps if we could start finding people who don’t come across as loudmouthed idiots to represent our side we would do better. The average person doesn’t know or care about the details, they only see what is publicized, and we give the opposition plenty to publicize. We had a Senate candidate here in the US who may or may not have been a good senator, but he insisted on rambling on about how rape victims couldn’t get pregnant unless they wanted to. All he had to do was say “I’m against it” any time the topic of rape came up and he would have been elected. Another wouldn’t shut up about how she was a witch. Needless to say, she also didn’t get elected.

Where are the normal people who don’t rant about crazy stuff standing up and saying “I’ll go there and do sensible stuff to get government off your back”?

Speaking of which, it is time for me to go register to run for City Council. I am wildly unenthusiastic but I’ve also had numerous people in our town tell me I need to run. Hopefully I don’t say anything really stupid during the campaign.