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Since Tuesday is also the first of the month, some data from the traffic around here, and what is going on in the tech / blogging world.

Own your platform.

Platforms matter. The one advantage of wordpress over blogspot is that you can self host, away from teh google, and this means if you set up your backups properly — Which means you will have to pay money, and I recoomend Updraft Plus — you can move the site if and when the server company gets too many complaints. There are people trying to write better browsers because browser and platforms matter. Sort of.

While he was at the White House, Chief Digital Officer (and Miller’s boss) Jason Goldman said something Miller couldn’t forget. “Platforms have all the leverage,” is how Miller remembers it. “And if you care about the future of the internet, or the way we use our computers, or want to improve any of the things that are broken about technology … you can’t really just build an application. Platforms, whether it’s iOS or Windows or Android or Mac OS, that’s where all the control is.”
Later, at Thrive, Miller noticed something else. Companies like Figma, Notion, Airtable and Superhuman weren’t going mobile- or desktop-first, but were building powerful, collaborative apps with web technologies. Their “native apps,” in most cases, were just wrappers around their web apps, plus a homescreen icon.
Miller became convinced that the next big platform was right in front of his face: the open web. The underlying infrastructure worked, the apps were great, there were no tech giants in the way imposing rules and extracting huge commissions. The only thing missing was a tool to bring it all together in a user-friendly way, and make the web more than the sum of its parts.
Of course, there’s a reason that tool doesn’t exist. Generally speaking, internet users use one of two browsers: the one that came on their device or Google Chrome. Chrome owns about two-thirds of the browser market and continues to grow, while its competitors all have single-digit share and most continue to shrink. Many users complain about Chrome’s performance issues and Google’s massive data collection, but Chrome has effectively won the browser market. Other browsers now use Chrome’s underlying engine, Chromium, and copy its interface because it’s what everyone knows.
Ironically, Chrome was also designed for the exact future Browser imagines. “We realized that the web had evolved from mainly simple text pages to rich, interactive applications and that we needed to completely rethink the browser,” Sundar Pichai wrote in a 2008 blog post announcing Chrome. “What we really needed was not just a browser, but also a modern platform for web pages and applications, and that’s what we set out to build.”

Platforms don’t matter if they get noxious: if they ban, if they promote false news and ban truth. The noise overwhelms the signal. Facebook and Twitter, take a bow: ditto google and yahoo. Remember, if it is free, you are being marketed to some advertiser or intelligence agency.

There is a reason Windows will now allow you to run Linux apps. Windows is a platform: for office and games — both now mature fields. But if it can be a platform for apps and consolidate and control, they can make another revenue stream.

Which is another reason to use Manjaro or Arch Linux.

Traffic and Spam.

According to Statcounter, we have had 3,836 page views and 1,999 visitors. Matomo we have 4,958 pageviews,and 2,363 visits. Note that Statcounter links off the site, but Matomo is self hosted.

The popular links last month were (with hit counts from Statcoutner)


I get weekly reports from Clean Talk as to how much spam is blocked from getting in. Over the last four weeks, there were about 6,300 attacks. I’m not over the target as much as Adam Piggott is, but he gets taken down about once every fortnight by something. Cleantalk is worth it just to stop the DDOS stuff.

Looking at my dashboard, the two top spam people are from China and Russia. Look guys, I’m small fry. This is an obscure part of the internet, dominated by blogspot (Bruce Charlton, Vox Day)

And Mel Gibson? The guy is flawed, but he is a better adtor than most, and he is based. Be like him, Soy is not for the boy.