The fun of the times.

Well, an interesting week. The usual problems with getting things remain, but it appears that there is significant movement to a new baseline when it comes to Linux Laptops.. Not getting. The first laptop we get will be for Kea, and it has to run Photoshop. There is a ton of things that have to be done before that.

The fallout from the last set of hacks is interesting. Waikato Hospital is just up and running again — the last thing up was radiation therapy, and the patients had to be sent around the north island as you don’t delay that treatment. Our leaders are pushing full stream ahead with a national health system and database. This will end badly.

On a similar theme, Apple wants all your ID on their phone. Including driver’s licences.

The first comment there sums up my opinion.

There is no chance I will ever use the ID app to voluntarily hand my iPhone to a law enforcement officer

Apple is not learning good things from Google. They finally realize that their apps need to be ubiquitous, and are bringing facetime to Andriod. Let’s see. I have to use some platforms I don’t like, right now, simply to talk to the family.

The return of spotify.

I have been using Deezer for a considerable amount of time, and when I’m using certain brands of speakers it works quite well. But we are at the point where we are setting up stereo systems, and to do this I added an ifi zen to the a Tivoli 2. Deezer curled up and died. Spotify will do this, however.

I have a long, long list of songs on Spotify. I left it because it went full woke, then I found Deezer did the same thing.

The system is set up, and the song i played, first, with a grin across my dial, is below.

But it means I have this back. No moar youtube 😉

The source of music, however, matters. Using spotify from Android on an old Oppo and the sound is much, much worse. One of the things I need to consider when thinking of phones now is audio quality.

R hack of the week.

If you add ggExtras as a library, you can add marginal plots to scatterplots. I know this only excites me and Didact,, but it has allowed me to help others get prettier graphs that justify their use of standard means of analysis.

Blog stuff.

Over Queen’s Birthday weekend we were looking after others, so the lectionary for the weekend was scheduled, and if it reads as an ongoing theme that is a consequence of writing three lectionary posts in a row.

I understimated the amount of stress we were under, so I missed the Sunday Poetry. However, this is not a big thing.

This week we are traveling again, but I will take a laptop with me.