Tuesday Technical

After the blip of increased traffic two weeks ago traffic is returing to normal. However, it was some kind of blip, and I had look at the data by week since I started using statcounter. Statcounter has been consitent in ist reporting over time, as as you can see below, the week before last was an outlier. The other thing that is happening is that the site is slowly growing, looking at the week by week volumes.

In the last week the main issue for production has been the availability of power. We came home Thursday night last to find half the street (only half) and all the street lights out. In NZ there is a division between the power generators, the owners of the grid, and the owners of the local distribution system. This was a local grid problem, and by the time we had got through half the street had called. That was 6 PM: by 8PM Kea had finished having tea with the local ladies in one of their recreational vehicles, and at around 11 PM the lights went back on. Fortunately, the cellphone tower was not on that part of the grid, but the home Wifi and router all went down.

NZ has basically banned landlines. This is when I want an old copper wire and a modem.

We don’t do cable in NZ. We do boradband fibre. Which is run by one company — Chorus. The proble we are having right now relates to where the chorus box is.

The prvious owner moved it into the kitchen, which is being taken out this week. Yes, we are getting a diffrent one, and the old one will be recycled somewhere else. But the fibre box is in the middle of it.

So I thelephone the service provider who book me a thecniciah to move the box. Has to be them. Not cheap. I also find oout that the standard phones we can get won’t work with cable and we need new ones. Someone tryies to pressure me into getting one.

I don’t. Because the cable needs to be in first. I have begun to nag Chorus on this, because they are very good at marketing but less good at service.

The way I’m getting things done is by connecting a cellphone viaa USb to the computer and using that. It works. Slowly.

Which is why you can tell when I’m doing the blog posts with good access — you get sportify feeds not merely pctures.