Well, that was a week.

On Thursday, before travelling to Christchurch, I slipped a short note about the current pressure being put on the dissendent right in NZ. There ain’t many on the right in NZ: the place is fairly progressive. There are less where I live.

I did not expect the response. 2093 attempts to log in on cleantalk right now and a sudden increase in traffic, as shown for the last week.

The firewall notes that there are vulnerabilities on the desktop. Which is switched off right now: I have not rebooted it since I returned from Christchurch. The trick here is to update and keep on updating until everything is fixed before rebooting. A partial update in an Arch based system will bork it. On security, Arch + security is generally safer, but this is harder to use.

General considerations about security: Manjaro cannot be as fast as Arch Linux with security, because some security updates can break the usability of the system, that’s why Manjaro sometimes has to wait that other packages which depend on the package, which got a security update, get updated, too, to work with the new secure package. But occasionally it happens that Manjaro developers and users detect a security flaw which Arch devs and users had not detected – then suddenly Manjaro is the more secure system concerning this particular item. On the whole security fixes in Linux community are a more cooperative enterprise than say the competition of anti-virus system of the MS Windows world.

In other news, the Punjab blocking of SIM cards has made Slashdot. Do not take intimate selfies. Ever. Because the Techs will hoover them up and share them, even Apple ones. Watch your photos like a hawk: games will use them without permission.

The last phase of the COVID panic will be the reopening. Happened last year in the South Island. But the Northern Hemisphere and Victoria remain micro regulated, and some people like it.

To coincide with the looming return to the world of carpet tiles and RFID entry cards, desperate marketing departments have been churning out survey results about workers’ attitudes to this return to physical spaces for communal labour. While they all focus on most people’s natural distaste for rush-hour commuting, some of them have uncovered a few brilliant examples of interpersonal intolerance in the workplace.

My favourite is this survey from Cartridge People (I know, I know) which says it found that nearly a quarter of all Welsh office workers are dreading having to talk to each other on their return. In Northern Ireland, only 3 per cent said they were bothered by this.

Make of that what you will.

My comment is: only a quarter? I’m a Kiwi. We like being alone.

Linus has let his inner FInn out to defend the vaccines. He’s correct on one thing: that discussion does not belong on the Linux Kernel Mailing list. Having siad, that, I’d trust the news from Vox Popoli more than Linus: he gets his from the MSM.

And if you don’t trust Apple Techs (see above), do not assume that Apple will protect you from the government. Where China is today in tech micromanagement, the rulers of the West want to be also.

Thats enough for now.